I was introduced to the Smiths, a total power couple named Amber and Kevin through a mutual friend. Together, they embarked on the journey of a lifetime. They built a creative agency made up of artists and marketers with a focus on experiential marketing and events. It's literally the coolest company ever, they create bucket list experiences.

When Number Project started out I thought it was such a unique concept. Then came NOTEL, which does exciting things such as fly a group of 50 musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and so on to a private island in the Bahamas with no wifi, where you network and make friends. They swim with pigs, jump off cliffs, enjoy fireside musical performances by industry pros and swim with sharks.

They built everything that they needed, from the beach front glamping tents to the tables visitors ate off of and the bars they drank from. Mixologists and personal chefs were flown in to give the royal treatment. They even had artists decorate the grounds before arrival.

It went off without a hitch (unlike other events, remember the FYRE Festival Failure?) Some of their clients are major players Four Loko, Hudson Jeans, The Grand Voyage, United Airlines, and Habitat for Humanity. This type of success didn't happen on it's own and it didn't happen overnight.

How to create a personal brand

Making this happen for a large number of guests is not simple, but they make it look it, so I asked Kevin how they've managed to be the most down to earth people ever, yet pull off events like this without a hitch.

Kevin says, "Back when I was 21 starting my first business my dad told me it would take 5 years of the hardest work of my life to build a stable business. It would take 5 full years of non stop work and dedication to one vision. He was right down to almost the day. I still remember being so grateful to have extra money in the account after paying my bills with the revenue from the business.

Ever since that day I've never had to look back. He was right. Now, 3 years into Number Project I can feel the same sustainability on the horizon. I've never worked harder in my life than these past 3 years. I've also never had this more fun and wanted something more. It's not just about making money but about a very clear purpose I have for what we are doing.

I can also clearly see the results this time around are going to be that much bigger. It has the feeling of something special. The best part is this time around I get to do it with my wife."

Be authentic and stay humble

Everything worth having, takes effort. Your dream job won't fall into your lap, your bank account won't be flush with cash simply for waking up each day. You have to put your everything into building your brand if you want it to succeed. If you do, and you're authentic and passionate throughout the process, good things will come.

Surround yourself with like minded people, because they will be your best critics and most loyal fans. Most importantly, enjoy every minute of it.