So, you are looking to build a network of influential people who can further your career. Here are some tips and tricks that have helped me build my 100,000+ network on LinkedIn with some of the top influencers in the world.

LinkedIn Summary Examples

This is absolutely key if you want people to think you are worth connecting with. Some may joke about first impressions, but they really are everything. Take the time to really think about what you want your profile to say.

I absolutely cringe when I see people saying things like "currently looking for work." While it may be true, it doesn't scream "well-connected" so you're shooting yourself in the foot. When it comes to your Linkedin profile photo, if you don't have a professional headshot, try to use a photo that you look presentable in and can crop.

Take some time to look at other people's bios and choose the top 10 you like. Take little tidbits from each and replace their wording with your own to create a memorable profile bio. Remember, the entire world may end up looking at your profile. Take time to really polish and fine tune it.

I'll give you bonus points for having at least 500 connections. Linkedin only shows the first 500, so new connections will not know if you have 501 or 5,000. It may sound harsh, but again people judge based on first impressions and if you don't come across as well known or accomplished in your field they may be hesitant to connect with you.

How to Send Connection Requests

Never send blank connection requests. It is lazy and just looks like you don't care enough to spend a few seconds introducing yourself and letting the person know why they should connect with you.

I'll tack on a few bonus points if you spend some time researching the person before you message them to find common ground. Compliments work well also, but keep the creepy down to a minimum. LinkedIn is not a dating website, so keep it professional.

Utilize Your Friends to Make New Acquaintances

This one works great, new connections often feel obligated to connect because it is someone they know introducing them. This is an excellent way to get into the circle of trust. Don't be shy, nobody in life is going to give you anything if you don't ask for it.

How to Connect with Anyone on LinkedIn

Many CEOS and influencers require that you know their personal email before you are able to send them a connection request. Now, you can spend a lot of time searching Google or you can work smarter and not harder.

I use tools like Ninja Outreach to quickly put in a domain they are associated with, and it will populate their email. This is an incredible tool and one of my secret weapons to connecting with some of the worlds most elite.

Simply go to "content prospecting" and click "email finder" on the far right hand side. Then enter the domain of the person you are trying to connect with. Depending on the domain you might have to filter through some results, so it is often best to look for their personal domain rather than where they work.

Another tip is to check their personal Twitter. More often than not an email or personal domain will be listed.

How to Get Noticed Online

Sometimes unfortunately all of the above tips just won't cut it, that is when you have to work extra hard. How do you do this? Well you have to get them to notice you. This can be incredibly easy or incredibly difficult depending on how active the person you are trying to connect with is on social media. Follow these steps:

  1. Comment on their posts and updates.
  2. Follow them on every social media platform you can find them on.
  3. Re-share, Retweet posts and agenda's that they are pushing.
  4. Have others shine a light on you.

Have your connections @ you and the person you want to connect with into social media posts in a complimentary way. This often takes some planning and social engineering but it can be done. When done in a savvy way even the most influential people will sit up and take notice.

These simple tips will help you build your network in the most incredible way. Soon you will find other influential people reaching out to you asking for you to connect them.