How important is the opinion of others to you? If you're social media savvy, chances are it should be. In a world where fresh content is readily available, it's up to us to entice our followers into keeping us around. Did you know the average attention span has gone down from 13 seconds to eight seconds in recent years? No doubt that is partially due to the influx of social media.

If you want to produce high quality content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. you have to keep two things in mind: What do I want to talk about, and what content are people interested in seeing/reading? I say it all the time, just because you're passionate about something doesn't mean others care to hear about it.

Recently, I have been utilizing surveys to engage with my followers and customer base to determine exactly what they want to see each day. It's important to do this quarterly, as your following is constantly changing (and so are the seasons).

What I love about online surveys, is that people are actually interested in completing them! Mine typically take about two and a half minutes to complete, and they leave the customer (or potential customer) feeling as though we truly care about their opinion, thus making them feel more comfortable with our brand in the future.

Who should use online surveys?

You don't need to have your own business to utilize online surveys, it's a great way for you to interact with your social media following to help boost your engagement. If you write a blog you can gear your posts towards what readers value most about your style of writing.

Examples of online survey questions

  1. How responsive have we been to your questions/concerns?
  2. How likely are you to recommend [brand] to friends and family?
  3. What brands would you like to see featured on [brand]?
  4. What could we do that would turn you into a fan for life?
  5. Were you able to find your sizes easily on the website?
  6. What could we improve on to make your online shopping experience better?
  7. What type of content would you like to read in our newsletter?
  8. What should we post more of on Instagram? Travel, Fashion, Fitness, Food?
  9. What terms would you use to describe the products you've gotten from [brand]? (Gave choices such as overpriced, good quality, reliable, poor quality, poor fit, priced well, etc.)
  10. Where do you follow us on social media?
  11. How long have you been a customer of [brand]?  

Keep these things in mind

Offer a range of answer selections, and allow for the option to fill in their own answers. You would be surprised at some of the feedback you will get that you hadn't even thought of! Once the survey is sent out, your job is not over.

The best part about doing online surveys is analyzing the data, and putting it into action. Listen to the feedback users submit, get with your team and come up with innovative ideas to put them into play. Also, don't forget to thank people for completing your survey by offering them a discount code on a future purchase.