We've all seen them around every workplace--young, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed people, eager for work experience and full of optimism. They're interns, and they're full of energy and idealistic views on how they can change the world, or at least the office. They want to make a difference, and they want to load up their resumes for qualifications. They're eager for experience.

Although their boundless energy can be unnerving, they can be a great boost for your workplace. Before you rush out and consult your local university on how to be a part of this amazing education and employment partnership, you should think about how you'd use an intern, what an intern can do for you, and what you can do for your intern.

That's right--what you can do for your intern. After all, needing free labor alone is not a good enough reason to be taking on an intern. You need to take the responsibility of taking on an intern seriously.

In exchange for the work your intern will be doing for you, you, as the employer and mentor, will need to have the time and inclination to provide guidance and training for your intern.

Ideally, your intern should come in with goals and leave your workplace with new skills for their resume and additional training. So why should you take on an intern? Here, we examine the top four reasons why:

1. You can recruit young talent

Taking interns means that you get first crack at the fresh young talent just out of school. These young people are eager and trained in the latest technology and methods.

2. Young people are less entitled

Interns are often willing to work for an honorarium, or without benefits, which may save a company some money. While more experienced workers, or people who have been in the workforce longer believe they deserve more, their skills don't necessarily back them up. Often, interns skills are just as good as their older counterparts.

3. They bring a fresh perspective to your company

Having a fresh pair of eyes is always beneficial to a company. Unlike older workers, who might be satisfied with the status quo, interns will bring in fresh views, fresh energy and often have new ideas and methods to introduce to a company. They are also familiar with new technology that they have just learned in school. This brings us to our next point.

4. They're familiar with technology

Interns are often comfortable with social media tools, computer programs, and new hardware. This is because they grew up using these tools.

Although an internship is a trial period that is finite, it could easily lead to something more. Who knows? With their work ethic and skill set, you might decide that your workplace might benefit from permanently bringing this person into your company as a regular employee.