You and your phone are joined at the hip. You use it to stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, keep on top of your work emails, find new dates on Tinder, find the hottest new restaurants, and shop. Now you can use it ... to work out?

That's right -- your smartphone addiction could get you fit in time for summer. I like this idea mainly because these apps are easily accessible, user friendly, and motivational. I sometimes find myself too tired to hit the gym after a long day in the office, so taking a few minutes during the day to refresh, unwind, and relieve some tension is necessary.

Check out these fitness apps that will get you beach-ready by the Fourth of July.

1. Nike + Training Club

Sweat it out with this popular app, which allows you to follow along with Nike's celebrity athletes and fitness superstars for drills, timed workouts, and more. The app also allows you to record your times and your progress.

2. The Johnson & Johnson 7-Minute Workout

Not enough time to work out? Now there is no excuse. The 7-Minute workout app, created by health manufacturer Johnson and Johnson, allows you to work out and get fit -- on your own terms and in your own time. That way, every day can be workout time. Who doesn't have seven minutes a day to devote to their health?

3. The Fitstar Personal Trainer

When it comes to fitness, one size does not fit all. That's why the Fitstar Personal Trainer exists. You can tailor your workout to your needs with this popular app.

4. Charity Miles

Feeling philanthropic? If you want to work out and make a difference in the world, check out the app Charity Miles, which lets you benefit charities while you burn calories. Here's how it works: Every time you run, bike, or walk a mile, a corporate sponsor that has partnered with the app will donate a few pennies to a charity. You lose weight and tone up, and your fave charities get funds. It's a win-win.

5. Daily Ab Workout

As much as targeted workouts suck sometimes, it has to be done. Check out Daily Ab Workout next time you need help strengthening your abdominals. You'll feel like there's a trainer sitting next to you, counting your crunches.

6. Daily Butt Workout

It's bikini and beach season, so get working on getting your butt, uh, ready for public viewing. Daily Butt Workout will make sure you look as good going as you do coming. The workout routine this app provides targets those often-ignored glute muscles.

7. Daily Yoga

Love yoga? The running life isn't for you? Check out Daily Yoga. Learn the most effective poses, and, afterward, check out the meditation classes to find your zen.

8. Sworkit

Love yoga? Can't live without cardio? Or is strength training and stretching more your thing? Sworkit demonstrates how to do all exercises and lets you know how long you've been working out, with a timer that runs from five to 60 minutes.

9. Keelo

Think you're going to "keel" over while working out? Not with Keelo! Check out this app, which provides a high-intensity workout. This is not for beginners -- repeat, not for beginners. You'll truly feel the burn using this app. The access to a virtual coach who responds to questions and gives feedback on your workouts will make you feel like Jillian Michaels has moved into your living room.

10. Relax Melodies

Congrats! You're all done for the day. Any fitness guru will tell you that rest is just as important as a workout, because without proper recovery, you won't progress to the next fitness level. The cool app Relax Melodies has nature's sounds (think waterfalls, rain, and crickets chirping) to help you stretch out and recover.

Staying in shape can be tricky when your personal and business lives are so hectic -- but we can all benefit from the mental boost a workout gives us. Sweat out that negative energy just before work or even during your lunch break for an added boost.