We all know the tired Millennial stereotypes. But, to truly understand this most-misunderstood generation, we have to go deeper than stereotypes and surveys.

That's why Cargo, an agency that helps big brands market to small businesses, joined forces with BRANDthro, a leading neuromarketing firm, to build something extraordinary. They call it "The Machine," but the moniker sounds like an oversimplification of what it can do. 

So, what does The Machine do exactly?

Using a combination of proprietary AI, a neuro-knowledge base, machine learning, deep learning, and IBM Personality Insight API, The Machine helps quantify how customers--in this case, Millennial Small Business Owners (MSBOs)--will feel based on various stimuli.

These insights go beyond understanding what customers will do. The Machine can actually learn how they will feel. This gives us insight into the motivation behind the action, increasing confidence levels to an unheard-of 99.9 percent.

This understanding of the "Emotion Economy," the feelings that drive customers' actions, is Cargo's secret weapon in understanding what makes this generation tick, making marketing and brand storytelling a more exact science.

In today's media-savvy and media-saturated atmosphere, investing in innovation that aims to understand your audience on a deeper emotional level is one key to survival. It gives brands an immediate competitive advantage, improving their performance, bottom line, and reputation.

Combining human and machine

But don't worry about The Machine putting your creative types out of work. So far, it can predict and measure emotion, but it cannot turn data into a campaign. That's where Cargo's human element comes in, creating powerful, effective brand campaigns. However, The Machine can help make your work better, more insightful, and more embraced by Millennial SBOs.

While both Cargo and BRANDthro are tight-lipped about their proprietary technology, they are sharing some of the invaluable insights, which we will delve into next.

Can't wait? Read Cargo's whole study here.