We are all guilty of becoming dependent on the immediacy of huge brands and the impact it has on our ability to have everything in an instant. I grew up on the south-end of Brooklyn, New York, which is known for being a public transportation desert, unlike the rest of New York City. However, on my latest trip to visit my family, thanks to Uber, I did not feel the strain of trying to get around. Three clicks and my ride was outside.

Then, my best friend reminded me about all of the taxi drivers, many who grew up in our neighborhood, who are currently struggling. The small "mom and pop" taxi services are now a thing of the past. In addition, apps like Tinder and Bumble, and soon to be Facebook, have eliminated the need to go out and find that "special someone."

Our lives are drastically different today. Algorithms and trends have replaced our curiosity for the human experience. However, in honor of American Express Small Business Saturday on November 24th, I wanted to identify some small businesses that may not have the heavyweight effect of Amazon, but they are holding on to their commitment to giving other small businesses a platform to reach a broader audience, while providing a personalized experience.

Here are three companies that are fighting to save small businesses and give them access to a global footprint outside of Main Street.


If you want to have an amazing presence on social media, you need to invest in amazing photo's. PhotographyTalk is a membership-based marketplace for freelance photographers to gain more insight about growing their business, training, resources and more. You no longer need to post your services on social media and Craigslist and hope for an opportunity.  PhotographyTalk creates educational and networking initiatives for over three million professional photographers, while marketing to a larger audience.

Freelance photographers can upload their portfolio to the site. The site gives photographers worldwide exposure to customers who may be looking for a freelancer to cover a wedding, beauty or family photo shoot, and allow the customer to choose the best professional to capture their memories and moments. If you are an entrepreneur, who needs professional photos to showcase your product(s) and services, this is a great way to locate the right photographer to tell your visual story. 

Couture Lane

It is a mobile marketplace that connects local fashion-forward boutiques with customers worldwide. The mission of Couture Lane is to give small boutiques an opportunity to connect direct to consumers without the need to market on Amazon or EBay. The app gives you direct access to thousands of fashion retailers and influencers, while providing economic opportunities for independent owners to have access to a broader mobile presence and marketplace. The mission of the app is to simplify the connection between independent brands and boutiques, while attracting new customers, who support local businesses. Couture Lane charges a flat commission to the boutique of 15 percent of the total sale.

Uber Eats

Although Uber is revolutionizing the transportation market, Uber Eats has allowed family-owned and operated restaurants to expand their catering options. Today, the local family-owned Italian eatery has a chance to compete with larger chains such as Macaroni Grill. Now, you are one click closer to enjoying your favorite food from your favorite restaurant, rather than settling for the one around the corner.

Uber Eats has reconnected small restaurants with their patrons by joining the app and letting you know they are open for delivery. If you are a restaurant owner, it is simple to add your menu to Uber Eats by "becoming a restaurant partner" on the app. You will have the ability to add your top menu items and expand your market reach instantly. More importantly, you will increase sales in the competitive restaurant market. From fast food franchises, to small specialty bistro's, Uber Eats is giving small restaurateurs new ways to boost sales.