Congratulations on leaving your nine to five and finally pursuing your life-long dream of building your business. This journey will be filled with many learning moments, and numerous decisions that will impact your growth along the way. 

Before you delete your old resume and depend on the mission statement on your website, I want to warn you that the first big mistake of ambitious high growth leaders is underestimating the importance of an impactful CV in the near future. I have connected with hundreds of founders over the past year, who do not have a resume readily available and have conceded to the assumption that an exit from a job is the end of a well written resume.

Never believe the misconception that a CV is only for job prospecting; it will also serve as a guiding template as a high growth founder. As a founder, your resume needs to be drafted by a proven communications professional and must highlight your past accomplishments in your corporate life and your strengths as a founder. In addition, you must add your awards, honorable/media mentions, mentoring/training, accelerators and press releases. 

Here are three people/groups who will request your resume once your company starts to grow. 

Investors and VC's

If you watch enough episodes of Shark Tank, you may believe a great product and valuation is all that you will need to win the trust of the Sharks. However, what does not air on the average eight-minute segment is the due diligence process after the offer is made. Every investor wants to verify the strength of the founder, and your CV will be required. 

Venture capitalists and angel investors are betting on the strength of the founder and the exit strategy for the investment. In addition to a powerful pitch and clear knowledge of your sales, the background of the founder will be part of the decision making process. 

Future Partners and Co-Founders

Think about your long term strategy. The moment I decided to partner with other organizations, their board members requested a copy of my CV to conduct their due diligence to determine the financial value of the collaboration and decide how our core strengths aligned. 

There is a possibility that you may decide to partner with another company or bring on a co-founder based on the growth of your company. The value of the relationship is always based on the background of the founder. 

Customers and/or Clients

The value of the growth of your company depends on the consistent acquisition of clients/customers. If you are seeking large scale purchase orders or corporate clients, they deserve more than the "About Us" page on your website. Their investment can change the value of your company and transparency will develop a level of trust for potential clients to make long term decisions.