Imagine you share a picture of yourself with the keys to your new office HQ and you are ready to take your business to the next level. After 10,000 positive comments and "likes," you feel reassured that you are making the best decision as a leader

However, it's that "one" negative comment on your post that can immediately trigger self-doubt. You are debating whether you are making the right move. Has that ever happened to you?

Don't worry, you are not alone. Negative people always find a way to rain on the celebration of others. In 2013, while I was celebrating the grand opening of my first commercial shopping center, a woman walked over to me during the celebration and said "I doubt your shop will make it here, but I wish you the best," as she continued to drink our free champagne. Of course, her comments altered my joy.

I had to master the art of allowing other people to express their opinion without allowing it to paralyze my optimism. I also came to the conclusion that distancing one's self from the skeptical opinions of others takes courage, but it's not always realistic. The more successful you are, the more negativity you attract

Whether you are a founder or seeking to elevate your career, just the idea of trying something new is an open invitation for unsolicited opinions. Here are three reasons why you must find a way to ignore negative people, since you may not be able to avoid them. 

1. Negative people are committed to tapping into your doubts.

There are those who have created their own limitations based on the narrative they have chosen to believe, and they are committed to spreading that belief. Hence, they will tap into your deepest doubts as a way to convince you to settle for safe and average. 

You must ignore them. You will have negative friends, family and followers, but if you commit to your goal, it becomes easier to eliminate the sound of negativity around you by focusing on your outcome(s). 

2. Negative people live in fear.

I remember the first time I spoke at a large convention to over 2,000 attendees, I shared the journey with my social media followers. Someone posted a comment about my experience, by stating I was "not qualified enough to be in the room." I saw the comment and it immediately became the fuel I needed to nail the presentation.

The moment you are called to do something out of your ordinary, negativity will follow. Those who live in fear will try in every way to scare you into their reality. I have learned that negative feedback is a sign of positive outcomes if you learn to use it as fuel.

3. Negative people are analytical.

I've never subscribed to the belief that negative people are "jealous." In fact, they are not jealous or envious of your success, they are analyzing your journey. Think about this for a moment -- two people can be raised in the same community, with the same advantages (or disadvantages) and never have the same level of accomplishment(s). I went to college with some brilliant minds, who were aspirational in theory, but safe in reality. 

Negative people are consistently analyzing how you think and approach success, considering they may have a similar life story. They want to know where your determination originated. However, their curisoity for knowledge may be interpreted as pessimistic and adverse. 

Remember, your success will inspire others, but admiration is not monolithic.