Whether you are still in the concept phase or at a pivotal moment of growth as a leader, the feeling of endless doubt is a direct result of your greatest distraction: comparison.

We have all done it -- scrolled through someone else's timeline and immediately get caught in the immediate attention of their highlight reel of new accomplishments. For a moment, you begin to doubt your ability to accelerate as a leader, because you are questioning if "they" have a winning formula

My grandmother used to tell us that "you never want to compare yourself to anyone, the universe only creates originals." It is a principle that I live by today and has led to many of my greatest life accomplishments. Avoiding the need to endorse your uniqueness as inadequate because you are invested in watching the journey of others is a way to dim your own light. 

Every leader has experienced a moment of weakness, when they start debating their own success. Here are my top three strategies for overcoming the distraction of comparing yourself to others, so you can create limitless success as an authentic leader. 

1. Focus on your unique strengths 

 I host weekly sessions for female founders within my company and the first question I ask during our incubator is "What are your unique qualities?" I remind them to write it down and read it daily as a way to avoid outside distractions. 

We all have specific unique talents, skills and abilities. However, we negate our most important leadership skills when comparing ourselves to other leaders. Remember, the best leaders are not an imitation of another leader; they know the value of their unique contributions. 

2. Don't compare your two years to someone else's twenty. 

It is amazing how many leaders are in a hurry to be an overnight success during the planning and start up phase. I have to remind my founders that Jeff Bezos is not an example of an "overnight success." He is an example of decades of dedication. 

In other words, you cannot compare your start up or concept phase to someone who started 20 years before you. Most of the people you compare yourself to may have a significant head start, therefore, their accomplishments appear impressive. You may be exactly where you are supposed to be in building your company at this point - setbacks and all. It is part of the growth process. 

3. Congratulate others.

Let it go. When you celebrate someone else's major accomplishment(s), you will allow yourself to eliminate the need to compare. In addition, you attract more gratitude and opportunities. Leaders celebrate other leaders, as they understand their journey and sacrifice that it takes to achieve a goal.