Clairol's Nice 'n Easy is giving women a new level of confidence with their new "Color Fearlessly" campaign. Their pop-up shop in New York City's SoHo neighborhood featured the "Color of Confidence" campaign, which recently opened to rave reviews and extensive lines on opening day.

Clairol was acquired by Coty Inc. in 2016. Coty is the world's third largest cosmetic seller and gained more than 40 makeup brands from Procter & Gamble Co. in a $12.5 billion acquisition of products according to reports by Bloomberg. The purpose of the new and improved Nice 'n Easy hair color system is to give women of all ages the confidence to see the beauty within themselves, while providing salon quality tools at an affordable price, and eliminating the fear of coloring your hair at home as they addressed concerns about damage, odor and mess.

Two women leaders at Coty are at the helm of relaunching the new brand. Coty's Rosi Ajjam, Senior Vice President, Retail Hair and Anna Vorrias, Vice President Clairol Global and U.S. Marketing, are at the helm of relaunching the new brand and heading up the "Color of Confidence" campaign. Vorrias defined the purpose of the campaign by stating, "we worked with 100 women to invite them to try out the new Nice 'n Easy Color Care and see how coloring affected their confidence. The results were astounding, with 85 percent of women claiming they felt more confident after coloring."

I had a moment to ask Rosi about the enthusiasm and the purpose of relaunching the brand, and she stated "we had a big ambition to reignite the hair color category and spent a lot of time talking to women and understanding their needs. This is a category hasn't been modernized. We wanted to address the fears that women have about damage and were keen on making it a beautiful, sensorial experience through the final beauty result." After meeting a few of the participants of the campaign, it became evident that this is not your mother's hair color.

As Anna and Cheryl Dixon, Vice President, Influencer Marketing U.S. Consumer Beauty at Coty, networked with the crowd on opening day of the pop up shop in SoHo, it became evident how important it is to connect a story to a product. There are three key takeaways that you can learn from their relaunch.

1. When in doubt, form a focus group.

Clairol's decision to commence the "Color of Confidence" and reveal the results at their 10-day pop-up shop is a great way to learn if the relaunch of their products and/or services will create value for their target market with all of the new changes.

I have been an advocate of focus groups since my first day in business. A focus group must be a select group of your core customers and you can use their feedback to make improvements over time that will cater to their needs.

2.  Transparency is necessary

The key component that made Clairol's relaunch a success was the interaction by the Coty team as they discussed some of the issues that women shared about their experiences in the past and how much effort they invested into improving. In order to win new customers, it is important to share what is new and innovative about your services. Customers enjoy authentic brands and can relate to a narrative that will help them make a decision.

As we make changes in my company, I update both new prospects and past customers about how their feedback has made a positive impact on our growth. It is a great way for past customers to gain a new perspective about your brand.

3. Let the customer be the voice of the brand

Your target market can relate to your brand when they can relate to the spokesperson; this is essential especially for women. This is a core factor in growing a successful company - who will be the face of your brand?

Nice 'n Easy nailed this concept with the 100 Women Mission campaign by allowing those who used the product to be the face of the product and give genuine feedback throughout their ad. "With the #ColorFearlessly movement that features these 100 women, we've found a new way to communicate with them and express their stories in a very authentic way" - Anna Vorrias.

When the customer is the face of your brand, your target market will connect organically. While having a chance to meet many of the participants of the campaign, I realized they told the story of their own journey and how Clairol's new Nice 'n Easy collection became a new must-have beauty product.

Published on: Apr 3, 2018
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