I will confess that I am a habitual binge watcher of a few shows, particularly the Million Dollar Listing franchise on Bravo. The ability to tune-in and live vicariously through the show in exclusive mega-mansions in New York City, Los Angeles and even the short lived Miami and San Francisco locations, is a dream come true -- without the price tag

One of the stars of the Million Dollar Listing New York, Ryan Serhant, has truly become the breakout star to watch. From the success of his own spin-off show on the network, Sell It Like Serhant,  his New York Times Bestselling book which shares the same name, co-founding the Serhant Media Group (SMG) and his speaking commitments at various organizations; the measure of his reach has become limitless. 

I began following Ryan's YouTube channel recently with his weekly vlog, which was reached over 300,000 subscribers over the past year. Ryan's vlog portrays a much different side of him than the show. His channel gives the viewer an inside look at how Ryan is building his brand outside of filming the show. He provides sound business and marketing advice, while you follow his journey, daily meetings and television appearances on CNBC, Good Morning America and more.

I had a chance to connect with Ryan for a one on one conversation and gain more insight about how he is building his brand when the cameras are off. Here are three ways to build a profitable brand. 

Capture more than one audience .

Serhant says, "I wanted to put out more long form content on Youtube to capture those who may not have watched me on Million Dollar Listing, and it works." He also added that capturing an audience is also about "maximizing your reach as much as possible." 

High growth entrepreneurs often place themselves in a "box" of marketing themselves on one platform, rather than capturing the attention of multiple audiences to grow their influence. Although Ryan is on a hit reality show with two other stars, as he mentioned, "I had to think about what happens when the show is not on the air." Your brand must remain consistent across multiple platforms if you are committed to increasing the value of your demand. 

Bragging is not a "bad" thing.

I grew up in a very conservative family, where we were conditioned to avoid "bragging" in public as a way to respect everyone. When I started my first company, I had to force that narrative and conditioning out of my mind, because I realized that people do not buy from people they cannot find. Self promotion and speaking about your accomplishments, especially in today's marketing climate, is the only way your ideal target market will invest in your services. 

"If you are a business owner or trying to raise money -- you must self promote. It's no longer an option today," Serhant added. Take a moment to celebrate and highlight your own accomplishments 

Control your own message 

One of the ways you create more value as a founder is by creating your own content, and leverage your own brand identity. Ryan added, "I put out my own content for the way I want people to see me." This will allow you to avoid the common mistake of allowing the market to create your narrative. 

In addition, controlling your own message takes confidence and consistency. "Over a long period of time, that is how the market will view my business," according to Serhant.