For many start-ups, LinkedIn is just the tip of the iceberg. 

As the ranks of people joining and uploading their credentials, titles, photos and portfolios to LinkedIn grows, the platform has fast become the go-to hiring tool for companies large and small. But since candidates are able to manage their own profiles, puffery is proliferating, and the pool of “experts” is growing with no clear standards of qualifications. 

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that more than 2.2 million LinkedIn users have the word “expert” in their profiles.

To narrow down candidates and find the right hires, we’ve compiled a list of effective online tools that help you weed through the self-proclaimed “experts” and find the real ones:

Founded by Alex Daly and Toufi Saliba, devised a software that attempts to extract an accurate profile of workers’ expertise and ability by collecting and analyzing data about the websites employees visit, the questions they post on message boards and how often others in the industry refer to their work. The perk: users can avoid learning new software to search for candidates. The software plugs right into existing open software.

The four-year-old website was created for companies that do not have a Human Resources staff but have to make hiring decisions quickly and effectively. Unrabble may be ideal for a start-up that doesn’t have the capacity to hire a formal HR manager. How it works: Unrabble automatically ranks job applicants based on a range of criteria like job skills and career preferences. Hiring managers can then communicate directly with prospective employees without disclosing their email address or phone number by using Unrabble’s message tool. The platform also includes evaluation tools, collaboration tools and productivity tools, aimed at comparing candidates’ skills and education, and eliminating manual resume screening with automated skill matching

Launched in 2011, Entelo aims to help employers search for specific candidates by job title, college, field of study and proximity. For example, if you search for “Android Engineer in San Francisco at a 50 mile radius,” Entelo software will display results for all relevant candidates. If you are still overwhelmed by the number of candidates, Entelo allows you to filter your results by selecting more specific criteria like the length of time the candidate is at his or her current job, and whether he or she is accessible by email. You can also exclude any candidates you’ve already contacted or viewed as well.

This Pittsburgh based company, uses Software as-a-Service, or SaaS, recruiting software to enhance its hiring tool. The company's best feature is its applicant-tracking tool, which helps you stay organized when receiving an influx of resumes. The Resumator software imports resumes and automatically creates searchable applicant profiles based on them. Some other features include collaborative hiring, in which multiple employees can have control over the hiring process, social recruiting, in which candidates can apply directly on Facebook, and reports and analytics, which offers users a dashboard to keep track of applicants and resumes.