Successful people are forward thinkers. They are progressive and are always looking ahead. In a world where many are consumed with past actions, failures, and mistakes, progressive people do well to focus on what lies ahead.

Even when faced with failure or feel defeated, progressive people always find ways to be constantly motivated to reach their goals. Here are 10 exceptional habits of progressive people.

They accept responsibility

They know if things don't work out, it is up to them to act and find ways to get results. There are no excuses on the path to success. Progressive people know this and have no intention to play the blame game.

They look for the best in others

People will disappoint you and you will be wronged. We don't live in a perfect world. Yet you can have a decent attitude in every situation and hope to see the best in those you do business with. While retrogressive people think or assume everyone is trying to take them down, progressive people do well to discover the strength in those they encounter and use this for the good of all.

They focus on solutions

Yes you took on a project and things didn't turn out the way you expected. However there is no point in magnifying the problems. You can only learn from what didn't work out and try to integrate this into a solution. Progressive people are solution-oriented. Through practical and creative thinking they find possibilities and answers to seeming difficult questions.

They ask the right questions

While they focus on solutions, progressive people do well to ask the right questions to propel growth. They would ask, "What did we do wrong?" "What would we have done better?" "Should we have outsourced or should we have worked smarter?" "How can we improve sales?"

The right questions will always lead to better ways of getting things done and lead you to where you desire to be. It may need you to pay attention to the details or seek support when you have to, but raising these questions simply shows your attitude of turning average into excellent.

They listen

Progressive people are not dogmatic. They want results and if they need the support or advice of others to get this done, they are willing to listen. Listening helps them get a holistic perspective of a matter and progress with such knowledge.

They adapt

They are not afraid to change or move on. Adaptation is a key to survival. And progressive people are great at adapting. When you learn to adapt, you focus on doing what is necessary to get results.

They wake up early

More is done when you wake up early to address the matters of the day. Waking up early shows you are willing to put in timely work and effort to reach your goals. Progressive people leave nothing to chance. They are restless, passionate and enthusiastic about anything they involve themselves in. Waking up early is simply a habit to prove this.

They know when to let go

There are times you just need to let go. Letting go is not a failing but can be strength. However you have to know when you need to let go. Progressive people know when to let go and move on if they have to. According to Albert Einstein it is indeed insanity to keep on doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Knowing when to let go is a significant factor of growth and acceptance.

They retain their values

Progressive people know what they stand for. They wouldn't compromise their standards simply to please the crowd. Rather they would stand by their values and principles. Their values become a compass or guide to helping them achieve their goals and adopting character.