In Richard Branson's perfect business world, employees would have unlimited leave, the ability to work from home and longer holidays. Particularly in the U.S., "the way people are treated at companies is despicable," he said. 

The mogul and his daughter Holly talked all things employee in an interview with The New York Times published today. Holly's been at the Virgin empire for 10 years and is promoting a book she helped write, WEconomy. She's working on improving the workplace culture at Virgin and then the world at large, noting that she helped bring unlimited leave to the U.K.

"As long as you get your work done, it doesn't matter where you are," Holly said.  

While companies like Netflix and LinkedIn (and Virgin itself) famously offer unlimited time off, the idea hasn't quite taken off in the U.S: a 2016 Society for Human Resource Management report found that only 1-2% of companies offer the perk. Yet the elder Branson said it could offer big benefits.

"The idea that you could just go off for two months to Bali, and be paid, and have a really special holiday without feeling bad about it -- you're going to love that company that does that," he said.

The father-daughter duo is also advocating for other types of time off.

"We're trying to design the maternity and paternity policies the right way so that men feel they can take time off, too. The big thing for us now is making it culturally acceptable for a man to take the time off," Holly said. "And then it means that the women aren't always feeling that it's their careers that are getting sidelined."

The Bransons think that entrepreneurs have a responsibility not just to their employees, but to the world.

"If we can get every business in the world to adopt a global problem, get slightly smaller businesses to adopt a national problem, get smaller businesses still to adopt local problems, then we can get on top of pretty well every problem in the world," Richard Branson said.