In the U.S., the average employee spends almost 40% of their total living hours at work.

Think of that: Almost half of your day is spent at work. That's 4-times the amount time you spend with your family, friends, and other loved ones.

That's a lot of time!

It get's worse. The latest Gallup U.S. Mood survey says that 67% of workers are miserable and unengaged.

One of the main reasons for this, according to Gallup, is that companies put the wrong person in the manager chair 82% of the time.

Whether you have a good boss or a bad boss, here's a fun checklist of the bad manager behaviors I've encountered over the course of my career.

Does your boss have any of these traits?

(The more checks you mark, the more you need to de-stress this weekend, and start looking at firing your boss.)

The Competitive Boss

This boss forgets their only goal is to make you succeed. Instead, they feel they need to outshine you to prove why they're the boss.

The I've Done That and More Boss

No matter what you accomplish, this boss will have done it quicker, better, cheaper and with one hand tied behind their back.

The Never Around Boss

Good luck finding this boss. Pick an hour, any hour, and this boss is nowhere to be found (but you better be at your desk working!).

The Idea Killer Boss

"That' won't work," is the favorite saying of this boss. Better save those good ideas for someone who cares.

The Unrealistic Boss

Who needs reality? What, you doubled your sales quota? You should have quintupled it - and in less time!

The Always On Boss

Slack messages, texts and emails come at you at all hours of the day or night with this boss - and of course a response is always expected.

The Lets Be Friends Boss

This boss seems to think that being a direct report is the same as being their best friend. Thanks, but I think I'll pass on hanging out this weekend.

The I'm Always Right / I'm Never Wrong Boss

You know this boss. No matter what you say, or how much data that backs your position - you are always going to be wrong.

The I Have No Idea Boss

Good luck getting help from this boss. Go to them with a problem that's a bit beyond your reach, and you get a deer in the headlight stare back.

The You're Lucky to Work Here Boss

Don't express any frustration to this boss, or you're sure to hear how lucky you are to work there. And also expect to be reminded how many people are waiting to take your spot.

The Tell Me Everything That You're Doing Boss

One word: Micromanager.

The Because I Said So Boss

This boss is the cousin of the "I Have No Idea" boss. Press them too much, and you'll hear, "because I said so."

The It's Not Me, It's You Boss

This boss loves to claim all the good credit, and deflect the bad credit. If anything goes wrong, expect to take the heat for it.

The Do What I Say, Not What I Do Boss

Rules don't apply to this boss, because, well... they're the boss.

The Never Good Enough Boss

You could leap a tall building with a single bound, and this boss will be asking why you didn't leap multiple buildings. It would have been more profitable and efficient after all.