Some people bemoan their bad luck. Others believe that success happens by chance, and chance alone.

To be sure, there is a fair amount of luck involved in every success - of being in the right place, at the right time.

But, hear me out: Luck isn't just about chance. You can increase your odds and chances of finding luck if you know how to look for it.

In fact, I believe that luck finds those that actively look for it. That's right - your odds of finding luck increase when you're looking for it, not waiting for it.

What then, are the ways to increase your luck?

1. Work Harder

Sometimes we confuse efficiency with laziness. We think that if we're working hard or breaking a sweat, we're doing something wrong.

But my observation tells me that every "breakout" success is the result of back breaking work. Of a founder, a leader, an employee - each putting in more hours than anyone else is willing to.

I believe that the person who workers harder than the next, always seems to find a bit more luck than the rest.

2. Work Smarter

But... working harder doing the wrong things won't ever result in success.

You must worker harder - and smarter - than your competition.

Do that and you'll find luck and success is easy to find. Ignore it, and you'll find luck to be illusive.

3. Dream Bigger

Sometimes we let our fears and inhibitions get in our own way. We let the way things are dictate the way things will be. That makes it hard to find your lucky break.

Model yourself after Thomas Edison. He had little formal education - only a couple of months according to most sources. Yet he dreamed big, beyond his circumstances and knowledge, and invented the phonograph.

Then he dreamed big again - bigger than the phonograph - and created moving pictures.

Some of his peers of the day may have chalked his inventions up to luck. I chalk them up to dreaming big.

4. Believe in Yourself

It's funny how lucky and successful you become when you believe in yourself. It follows the adage that you get what you look for.

If you want to find problems, you can find those no problem! If you want to find red objects, just look for them and you'll see them everywhere.

Want to increase your chances of success? Same thing: Declare it. Believe it. Look for it. You'll find it. Promise.

5. Keep Things Simple

We make things too complicated. Our ideas. Our plans. Our reasons why they won't work.

The reality is, simplicity works.

Remember taking speech in high school and the acronym K.I.S.S. - keep it simple, stupid? It's not just for speeches, it's for life.

The simpler you keep things, the more likely it is you'll find luck and success.

6. Stay Out of Your Comfort Zone

Nothing ruins the chance of finding luck and success faster than staying in your comfort zone.

A frog dropped into boiling water will find a way out. A frog dropped into cold water, that gets warmer bit by bit, will die in its comfort.

If things aren't uncomfortable in your life, you're in big trouble. Figure out a way to shake things up, wake up, and jumpstart your luck.

7. Fail More

People who put walls and barriers up so they don't fail also put up barriers to their own success. They also put tremendous amounts of pressure on themselves to hit a home run their first at bat.

The reality is, the more you try and practice, the better you get by learning from your mistakes. Same thing with luck and success. You can't find success by trying once.

If you're paralyzed from the fear of failure, you'll never try. And if you never try, you won't be able to learn and get better from your mistakes.

Always remember: Embracing failure leads to increased chances of finding luck and success.