Over the years, I've consistently fielded the same question: How do I get paid what I'm worth?

It is a good question. It's one we should all ask more often.

How do I get paid what I'm worth?

It's No Secret: Master One Thing

It's actually pretty easy: Become a master at one thing.

No joke. Master one thing.

Take your very best business skill you have today - whatever it is - and become a master at it. Or take the one skill that will have the most impact on your current role. Don't worry about how little or insignificant you think it is.

Study it. Practice it. Perfect it. Perform it.

No Excuses: Everyone Can Master One Thing

Don't think you're a jack-of-all-trades and can't master a skill. Everyone - and I mean everyone - has the ability to master anything if they put their mind to it.

Take one skill and become an expert at it. Practice it. Perfect it. Perform it.

When you do, you'll be surprised at how soon you'll earn a reputation for that skill. It may be as simple as being an expert at numbers; or at a first pitch; or at handling a customer complaint on the first call.

It doesn't matter what the skill is. Study it. Perfect it. Own it. Master it.

(As a by-product, you'll find yourself getting better at other things as well.)

Mastering One Thing Opens Doors of Opportunities and Earning

No matter how small the skill is, if you master it, doors of opportunities will start opening up. Opportunities that will stretch your current limits. Opportunities to take on new challenges - all because you made the effort to master that one skill.

And when that new opportunity does open up, pick it up and determine the next "one key skill" that will make your new opportunity a success.

Then master that.

Study it. Practice it. Perfect it. Perform it.

What you'll soon find is when you master that one skill - whatever it is - people take you seriously. You become more valuable. Valuable to your own venture, to your employer, to your customers, to your boss.

And when you become more valuable, I guarantee, you'll never have a problem of commanding what you're worth again.