Glassdoor recently released a listing of the highest ranked US CEOs based on employee feedback. And while every CEO in this group has their warts, this prestigious group has managed to be human while still winning the hearts of their employees.

Here is a representative sampling of Glassdoor employee feedback on why these CEOs -- and the cultures they've created -- top the most admired list.

Which of their qualities can you incorporate into your leadership style?

1. Bob Bechek - Bain and Company

Bob holds his people accountable but never leaves them alone. He never lets his employees fail.

2. Scott Scherr - Ultimate Software

Scott takes care of his employees -- and their families -- so they in turn feel proud and empowered to take care of their customers.

3. Dominic Barton - McKinsey & Company

Dominic provides flexibility in the way his employees work, so long as they take ownership for the results.

4. Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Mark maintains a spirit of openness -- from secret projects to business metrics. Anything and everything is on the table for discussion.

5. Jeff Weiner - LinkedIn

Jeff emphasizes career development and company advancement. Every employee is asked to plan their "next play".

6. Marc Benioff - Salesforce

Marc has his employees spend 1% of their time giving back to their communities and charities of choice.

7. Sundar Pichai - Google

Sundar makes it a practice to allow employees to work on virtually anything they find interesting.

8. Tim Cook - Apple

At Apple, Tim makes sure employees receive effective coaching, but never let's his employees feel battered or belittled.

9. Joseph Sivewright - Nestlé Purina PetCare

When others are cutting back, Joseph invests in tools, resources and training to help his employees become their best selves.

10. Jim Whitehurst - Red Hat

Red Hat is for geeks, and Jim rewards "hackers" -- the lifeblood of his organization.

11. David Taylor - Procter & Gamble

David makes sure his employees feel like they can "voice-up" any of their ideas.

12. John Legere - T-Mobile

John is known by his employees for his compassion as a leader.

13. John Veihmeyer - KPMG

John and his team are present and visible throughout the organization -- they don't hide in ivory towers.

14. Mark Weinberger - EY

Mark regularly reaches out to understand what will make his employee's experience better.

15. Jack Little - MathWorks

Jack is generous in sharing the financial results of the business with his employees.

16. Alex Gorsky - Johnson & Johnson

Alex provides his employees with many career opportunities and exposure across the matrix of business units.

17. Lynsi Snyder - In-N-Out Burger

Lynsi takes care of her employees and they know it.

18. Aron Ain - Kronos Incorporated

Aron and his team are accessible and approachable. They are always openly striving to become their best selves.

19. Charles Butt - H E B

Charles values his employees (Partners) and makes sure he lets them know it.

20. Shantanu Narayen - Adobe

Shantanu provides his employees with autonomy to showcase their strengths and creativity.

21. Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

Dara promotes from within.

22. Ian Clark - Genentech

Ian let's his employees take charge of their career -- many times allowing them to create their own positions.

23. Spencer Rascoff - Zillow

Spencer does not expect his employees to work more than 40 hours a week.

24. Rami Rahim - Juniper Networks

Rami encourages and rewards his employees to come up with new and innovative ideas. No idea is trivial to Rami.

25. Corey Schiller & Asher Raphael - Power Home Remodeling

Corey and Asher have created a "second-family" for their employees, where everyone generally likes and supports one another.