Who better to ask about how to build a killer employment brand than the Global Chief Talent and HR Officer of a premier branding organization? David Santos has worked for Interbrand for nearly seven years. Welcome to CEO 1-2-3.

Why should small and mid-size companies be recruiting via social media?

Social recruiting has leveled the playing field for small and mid-size companies. Because talent is more accessible than ever, such businesses can now play in the same league as big companies in attracting the right talent. Social media allows a small or mid-size company to best larger better-known brands in the war for talent. Having the right employment brand strategy in place, however, remains essential. Your employment brand and consumer brand must be consistent and aligned.

What is the overarching strategy to successfully use social media for recruiting?

Recruiting is becoming more like consumer marketing every day. Social media allows you to segment and target your talent--then send relevant and authentic content. At Interbrand, 31% of our LinkedIn followers are senior-level professionals. So, we strive to post what interests them. Our most popular LinkedIn posts in recent months have included the announcement that our Global Chief Creative Officer had been chosen as a judge for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the announcement that our Global CEO was speaking at CES, and a thought leadership piece written by one of our Managing Directors.

What kind of content helps with recruiting?

Share key cultural aspects--the things that differentiate your organization from others. It's key to convey the human side of your organization and show a clear sense of purpose: how is your organization transforming the world?

Keep all content short and digestible--highly visual too. And don't be afraid to experiment. Life, after all, is in perpetual beta these days.

Could you give us three tips for readers of CEO 1-2-3?

#1 Feature different offices and the diversity of the cultures. Have employees from different offices in your organization's network explain why they love working at your organization and what they're working on--in their own words. At Interbrand, we see high levels of engagement with pieces in which employees discuss their involvement in our international transfer program.

#2 Get everyone involved when it comes to sharing thought leadership--at all levels of the organization. When Interbrand publishes its Best Global Brands each fall, for example, everyone--from the Global CEO to entry-level employees--celebrates the launch on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

#3 Share employee-generated content. Get permission from your employees to highlight their blogs, tweets, etc.

I love that idea of asking employees to help with employer branding. In fact, it's perfectly aligned with the ideas in the book in The Alliance, specifically the section about network intelligence.

Employees are a big part of your brand. We encourage our employees to build their social media presence by sharing any Interbrand news, office events, award wins, new product offerings and thought leadership pieces. This helps build their personal brand and our employer brand. It's important to encourage this reciprocal brand building.

How can readers of CEO 1-2-3 learn more about you and to get in touch?

They can reach me via my LinkedIn profile.