Every year, a group of entrepreneurs and I develop New Year's resolutions to focus on our personal development and move our businesses forward. But statistics show that only 45 percent of Americans make New Year's resolutions, while only 8 percent are actually successful in carrying them out, according to Forbes. 

No matter how much encouragement you get from your business partners, team members, colleagues, etc., not having a plan is planning to fail. With this article, I wanted to highlight some New Year's resolutions that can push you forward, while still giving you a plan for making those resolutions a thing of the past come next year.

Here are 11 New Year's resolutions for entrepreneurs and how you can stick to them. 

1. Lose weight.

For most entrepreneurs, with the stress of work and making something out of nothing, we find that our weight becomes less of a priority. Unfortunately, staying healthy is incredibly important because it can enhance the success of your business.

An easy way to take off those pounds in the New Year is by using applications like Myfitnesspal, which allow you to input your desired weight and then tell you the amount you need to eat in regard to calorie intake per day.

Similarly, GOQII gives you a person trainer on the cloud that can look at your Myfitnesspal and give you feedback on areas you need to improve.

Lastly, having an accountability buddy is an easy way to have someone who can help you with your struggles.

I've had a lot of success regarding weight loss by simply meditating. 

2. Start meditating.

Meditation has proved to be one of the most successful things entrepreneurs do to be successful and is a ritual of Jack Dorsey and Arianna Huffington every morning.

To start meditation, an easy thing to do is join a meditation group at your company, or find a local meditation center in your area. For example, I love practicing with Heartfulness, which has meditation groups all over the world.

3. Stay focused.

The hardest things for entrepreneurs is to focus on one task at hand, and execute it fully. For many of us, staying focused and doing one thing extremely well, versus settling for mediocrity, is what can take our lives from good to great.

Some of my favorite tools to keep track of my daily tasks are OneNote, Evernote, and Pomodoro technique. Every morning, I will open my OneNote and check for the to-do I had from the night before. Similarly, I use the Pomodoro technique to make sure I am completely engaged during a task, while still having break intermittently. 

4. Get more sleep.

Sleep, according to Arianna Huffington, is one of the most crucial elements to successful individuals. While some of us have a hard time getting rid of electronics, using apps such as flu.x can get us ready for bed, quicker.

Similarly, using an app such as Sleep Cycle can help us analyze what our sleep patterns are, and more important, what times are best for our bodies to wake up. 

5. Play more.

With all the induced stress of running startups, playing more is a great resolution for not only staying fit, but being more present during work. Some tips include spending more time learning a new sport. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, had this exact resolution in 2014.

6. Learn a new language.

Relationships start with effective communication. Are you looking to move your business to another country, or communicate more effectively with your offshore staff? 

Opting for solutions such as Rosetta Stone or Duolingo can be your solution for learning a new language on the go.

7. Give back.

Many of us love to focus our time on beating revenue goals every year, but we tend to focus less on happiness as a part of the success equation.

This year, try using applications such as Clarity.fm to give back to entrepreneurs, or find an organization to donate to. Even if you are just starting out and don't have money to donate, you can spend time mentoring at an incubator or an organization that you attended in the past like your alma mater.

8. Live in the moment.

With the excitement of life and entrepreneurship, we tend to drift away when we are looking forward to a paycheck, or an opportunity in the future. However, living in the moment is important because the future may never come.

To do this, try doing kind things for others, focus on one part of your body and try relaxing it, focus on being grateful every day for a bit, or just smile and laugh more often. Living in the moment can bring you newfound happiness you haven't felt before.

9. Wake up early.

To beat your competitors, you have to start your day before they do. Even if you are a night owl, having an early start with a strong morning routine can deeply influence your business.

Some easy fixes include going to sleep earlier, planning a meeting or something important in the morning so you force yourself to wake up, and developing a strong interest in something that will make you jump out of bed.

10. Say no more often.

With busy entrepreneurs and a multitude of opportunities come the opportunity to jump into many different activities. Unfortunately, the more you do, the less focus you have. Saying no is one of the best things you can do to focus more on your priorities.

A tip for learning to say no more often is to write down the top five priorities you have in your day, and don't say yes to anything but those.

11. Spend time with your family.

Your family supported you when you were building your business, and developing your career. Why not take this year to invest more time into keeping that strong base, or rebuilding a broken one?

One of my favorite tricks is to block off time in your calendar for a certain time, and call it "family time." That means no phones, emails, etc. and focusing entirely on family. 

What are some New Year's resolutions you are tackling this year?