It's the biggest internet craze in the world, sweeping our little planet with armies of loyal Pokemon catchers who are desperate to try their hand at catching Pokemon - imaginary creatures with super powers that inhabit our planet. 

But Pokemon Go is far more than just a game - it's a digital goldmine that has already added more than $7 billion to the market value of gaming giant Nintendo.

And they're not the only ones who are generating profit from the global obsession with newest version of the iconic game. 

From unique social media competitions and robberies to launching specific products for Pokemon Go players, like the biggest Russia's bank Sberbank did, the world has gone crazy for the game in the most literal way.

Here's a breakdown of 4 crazy things that have happened because of the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go.

1. People Are Getting Injured

Most people have bumped into commuters on a busy train platform because they're looking at their phones, but the Pokemon Go pandemic has led to a massive rise in injuries ranging from silly to severe.

Although the game has a warning during the loading screen that players need to be aware of their surroundings, all the excitement seems to be too much. One of the most impressive solutions to the problem has come from Sberbank, which is the biggest bank of the Eastern Europe with more than 135 million customers. They have not only noticed that players are getting themselves injured, but have come up with a two-part solution to make sure that these injuries are managed and planned for.

The first is free injury insurance available to registered players. To be insured the players just need to visit Sberbank's website and enter their game nickname and mobile phone number. Naturally this is a huge benefit as more and more people get into the game, creating the potential for more injuries. It also means there is a safety net for those nasty accidents - that's available and affordable for everyone.

The second element is branch lures designed to bring players into the 17 000 Sberbank offices. The lures are located at the nearby PokeStop stations and are active during the Sberbank's offices working hours. Due to that the players are able to find the Pokemons they're still missing right at the banking branch. The result? Players are heading to the branches to play the game and being presented with cover in the process.

2. Crimes Are Being Solved - And Caused

The reason why Pokemon Go is so wildly popular is that it gives fans the chance to catch critters in the real world via an augmented reality interface. This means that players are out and about on the hunt for Pokemon in their area, but they are distracted and vulnerable to crime.

From people falsifying meetings to breaking and entering to try and catch the creatures, the game has already led to several fatal injuries, multiple robberies and the discovery of a dead body. Although these shocking crimes are undoubtedly an unwanted effect of the game, it's important to remember that there are predatory people who are out there to take advantage of distracted players.

3. Friendships are Flourishing

Friendships are often built on a shared interest. For some people it's a mutual love of a sports team, or a huge appreciation for a specific style of music. Pokemon Go has started a craze of turning total strangers into friends based on the game itself.

Part of the reason for this unexpected positive is that multitudes of players gather to catch rare Pokemon, bringing people with a love of the game into close proximity with one another.  As any gamer will tell you it's a challenge to find real-world friends when you're on opposite sides, but Pokemon players are collaborating and creating an inviting atmosphere for their fellow trainers.

4. Fitness is Back in Fashion

Pokemon Go is presented as a simple game, but it's really a lot more than that. One of the clearest advantages of the app is that it has turned gaming into fitness.  The Pokemon themselves are spread out across the globe, and that means it's time to get off the couch, put off the TV, leave the keyboard and get outside.

The game has effortlessly led to a cult of people walking while they hunt. Players are sometimes required to walk for miles to find what they're looking for. Most impressive is the fact that racing to the site of a new Pokemon doesn't help, as players are waiting for the eggs to hatch. This means that it's walking all the way, and the gentle exercise couldn't be better for those who are perhaps not as fit as they should be.


From branding and accidents to meet ups and madness, Pokemon Go has changed the way we view gaming forever. Will Nintendo be able to keep people interested? Will the wave of injuries lead to the game closing? Only time will tell.