Meetings are some of the most important times in my day. 

It's not because they give me a chance to connect with customers, or team, but because they can be extremely productive.  

The only thing worse about attending meetings is the nuisance of planning them.

It's an extreme pain that many of us have. 

At some point in time, everyone finds themselves in am email thread, text messages, Doodle Polls, and an ebb and flow of sharing & viewing Google/Outlook Calendars.

Today, we spend so much time figuring out when and where to meet that we forget what we're actually supposed to meet about.

Here are the 5 best on-the-go scheduling tools for professionals.

1. Calmeet

Calmeet suggests meeting times between you and your group without attendees having to do anything. 

My favorite feature about it is that you can integrate your personal calendars, allowing the app to suggest top ten best meeting times for you and the attendees to meet, without worrying about sharing or viewing any calendars, filling in surveys, or partaking in rigorous email exchanges.

The game changer for this app will be when groups or people will be able to schedule meetings within facebook messenger, or whatsapp. 

2. Doodle's Mobile App

With Doodle's Web Scheduler you can organize meetings and create surveys with friends and colleagues.

The same features in the web version are now offered in Doodle's App, making online scheduling a walk in the park.

The application automatically isolates the best option based on everyone's input.

3. Invite by Microsoft Garage

If you are an Office 365 user, then you will love Invite by Microsoft Garage. 

Its best feature, however, is its solution to a major calendar problem - the inability to view the calendars of attendees outside of your organization.

What invite does is let organizers suggest multiple meeting times that work for them and attendees can pick from those suggestions.

4. Meet by Sunrise

A great tool allowing you to see when you're available right from your keyboard. One of my favorite aspects of this is that you can select open time slots for your invitee to choose from, giving it a more "When Is Good" type of feel in available at your fingertips.

The time picked by invitees is automatically synced to both calendars, making scheduling as easy as possible.

5. Microsoft Tossup by Microsoft Garage

Tossup was released by Microsoft in July 2015, providing a lightweight and fast mobile experience helping groups plan and make decisions really quickly.

The thing that draws me most about Tossup is its ability to give group members an ability to vote and suggest choices - including time and location. It also provides location information like reviews, timings and contact addresses.