Increased customer acquisition, decreased costs, increased customer loyalty and increased brand awareness are the things every business runs after, from the day of inception till exit. 

And that's nothing beyond normal since any business that lacks any of the aforementioned will definitely not stay in business for long. The human race has therefore been on this race since the beginning of mankind - surely before civilization - to devise creative new ways to grow businesses. To sell more of whatever we have. To win more successful barters. To outsell the competition.

For many companies deals and coupons have been some of the most successful ways to get customers,

"Since Coca-Cola introduced the world's first coupon in 1887, couponing has become a centerpiece of American consumer culture," says Michael Quoc, CEO, Dealspotr. "Companies use coupons to liquidate inventories and segment customers, and thrifty shoppers love the feeling of getting a great deal, or better yet, getting something for free."

Here are 6 easy ways to promote your business with coupons and deals. 

1. Make offers Irresistible.

Remember the famous The Godfather line? "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse". Always make that your default mindset when it comes to coupons and deals. If your offer isn't almost unbelievable, then you might not catch your customer's attention.

Give huge discounts like "50% off"; mouthwatering bonuses like "Buy One, Get One Free"; customer referral rewards...and more. Just make sure it's an "offer they can't refuse".

2. Don't Miss Special Seasons and Holidays.

The whole year is always sprinkled with revenue-boosting holiday offers. People naturally get into shopping mode during holidays and special seasons and it only gets better yearly. Why don't you tap into this frenzy and make your store the go-to during these seasons?

Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, Mother's Day, not miss any of them.

3. Use Attention-Grabbing Headlines

What would be the essence of an offer that nobody notices?

Make your headline bold and commanding. Capitalize "FREE" if you have to. Use yellow type on red if you must! Just grab that ever-fleeting attention.

4. Benefits! Benefits! Benefits!

It's boring when you talk too much about your product or how fantastic your offer is. Instead, talk about how that (fantastic) offer makes the life of your customer better. Marketing is all about your customer's self-interest; appeal to this and watch your profits grow.

5. Visual Appeal (+ Logo)

Full color, eye-catching content will compel your audience to read your coupon's message. It's definitely worth the investment in a graphics designer. Just ensure you include your company logo for increased brand awareness and identity.

Make your coupons and deals readable, however. Don't clutter.

6. Utilize Every Opportunity.

Make use of every opportunity available to offer your coupons and deals. Get more eyeballs on those offers.

The best way to go about this is to go digital with your deals and coupons.

Print coupons are great in promoting your business. Don't ignore them; the newspapers, magazines, front desk, events, and other places you can use them, but also consider emails; text messages; web page banners; social media; display ads; geo-targeting; exit-intent popups; abandon cart offers; and other digital platforms.

Don't forget pre-launch or early-bird offers too. And first-timer offers too. Up-sells too are almost unavoidable nowadays.

There really are no limits to the opportunities you can use to publish and publicize your offers. Be creative!

However, be careful to not train your customers to only patronize you when you have offers. Moderation is key in everything, right?


As said earlier, there are hundreds of ways to use coupons and deals to promote your business, but you don't have to do all hundreds. You only need to make use of a few types and tactics that suit your type of business. The above are definitely few good ways to get started.

But - this can't be overemphasized - be both creative and careful with coupons and deals...and you'll reap the untold benefits that necessarily follow.