Influencer marketing is quickly becoming the new big thing on the marketing scene. Defined as the act of convincing people, bloggers or celebrities to promote brands through their personal online accounts, it's a tactic that can help brands succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

From three to ten times higher conversion rates.   

If you're just getting your feet wet in the sea of influencer marketing, here are seven tips that'll help you reap all the benefits this effective form of marketing has to offer.

#1) Recruit Influencers Who Love What You're Offering

Influencers won't be promoting products which they don't believe in. Even if they do it because of the generous paycheck associated with it, they won't be able to promote your offerings convincingly.

Therefore, search for individuals who share your brand's values and can communicate effectively with your target market. Only then can you be sure of their passion while promoting your goods and/or services. This is especially true if you're not paying the influencers promoting your products.

#2) Take the Time to Build a Relationship with Them

One of the first things influencers will assess you by is how well you understand the value of their time and effort.

That's why the first email or message you send their way should focus on the mutual benefit both parties will enjoy. Sending a sample or a high resolution image doesn't count as mutually beneficial, especially since your selected influencer will need to spend at least two hours writing, editing, posting and circulating your review via social media. Instead, focus on making a connection by learning what both of you have in common.

Use that to sell yourself as well as your brand in order to win their endorsement. Finally, follow up just because to maintain that relationship or else your influencer may feel used.

#3) Give Your Influencers the Freedom to Be Creative

Social media influencers have ample experience in building large, engaged followings, which is why you chose them in the first place. They understand what their audiences want and can deliver according to their needs.

Therefore, give them the creative license to introduce your brand as they seem fit. Not only will that ensure the authenticity of their endorsements, but it'll guarantee that your influencer won't say 'No' to working with you again in the future.

However, make sure that you and your brand's influencer are on the same page. In other words, provide them with actionable goals to ensure that both of you benefit from this relationship.

#4) Educate Influencers About Your Brand

Liking what you have to offer doesn't necessarily mean that your influencers understand your brand's point of view on their own.

So, provide them with articles, whitepapers, eBooks, event tickets, and all the resources they need to learn more about you. You can even save their time by ensuring the availability of your experts to answer any questions they may have.

#5) Get Influencers Involved in Your Events

One of the most common strategies for effectively using influencers is sending them to your sponsored events. While at the venue, they can live tweet your product rollouts and events.

They can also use creative hashtags to get your message across to their followers. Rest assured that their followers won't question the authenticity of their promotions. People trust influencers more than classic advertisements because they know they wouldn't be promoting products they don't believe in.

#6) Don't Forget to Address Social Media Compliance

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) mandates the disclosure of all material connections in order to ensure the authenticity and transparency of brands. This can be quite easy thanks to services such as

The social media compliance and disclosure platform provides badges as well as URLs which direct users to unique disclosures. Your users can click these and know that their influencer is marketing a brand which they like and believe in.

#7) Track the Results of Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Establish a set of metrics to determine the success of your influencer marketing campaign. Track these metrics and share them with your marketing team and the influencers so that both of you can optimize your approach and evaluate your relationships.

Recognizing that you've made a mistake early on will save the time and effort of both parties and help you determine whether to work on this relationship or simply end it.

Question: What kind of influencer do I need?

The answer is simple. Look for someone with a name in your field. For example, If you're selling beauty products, you should look at hiring the services of a makeup artist. If you're selling financial products (

These seven tips will get you to effectively begin your own influencer marketing campaign. However, you first need to invest in researching your industry to find the best influencers for your brand and start building a relationship with them before recruiting them.