Everything is changing, including how we browse the web. According to reports, more number of people now use mobile devices to browse the web than the number of people using computers to do so. And around 42% of these users download different apps to aid in the process.

Almost all big businesses, especially media-related websites, have dedicated apps now including the likes of YouTube and DailyMotion. Around 90% mobile users prefer using apps to visit media instead of going to a website, highlighting the importance of mobile apps.

With growing number of mobile users and businesses offering their own apps, there is no reason why you should not have your own app. Stav      Zilbershtein, CEO of SellMyApp.com says, "mobile apps are the future. First laptops replaced desktops and now laptops have been replaced by mobile devices that largely use mobile apps. We're entering the future, and mobile apps are going to be the norm."

So how can mobile apps help your business? Read on to find out:

1. Better Branding

Mobile apps can help increase brand awareness and also make people more loyal. It's simple, when your company's name or logo is on the user's mobile screen, they will find it difficult to forget or neglect it.

Plus, mobile apps come with different features, such as push notifications. You can remind users of a special offer to attract their attention. Or you can get more personal with notifications like 'you haven't had your favorite chicken burger in three weeks, open the app to order now'. However, such personal branding will work only if you have the right details or understanding with your customer.

2. More Customer Engagement

Apps are an easy way to engage your customer. They can help you do everything from taking suggestions and feedback to having full conversations. People spend close to 30 hour per month on mobile apps. They help take several decisions including 'what to see', 'what to wear' and even 'what to eat' based on app.. This gives businesses a great opportunity to engage customers and get the desired outcome.

Since users are already using their mobile, the engagement rate is higher on apps. All they have to do is open the app and you get the desired result within a few seconds. An easy way to increase engagement is by allowing social media sharing, which will enable users to share your content on social media platforms, bringing you more eyeballs..

3. Get More Customers

The right mobile app can help you get more business. But for this to happen you will have to market the app as well. According to reports, only 40% apps are searched through search engines or mobile app platforms, and more than half the apps are reached through official platforms. So when you get an app, you must promote it on your other platforms, including your social media pages and official website.

But how does an app help your business if you are having to promote it? The truth is that you are losing on a number of potential clients by not having a mobile app. Since 20% of Internet users only use mobile devices to browse the web, you are losing on a large portion of this 20% since a large chunk of these users will never order from you unless you have an app.

4. Happier Customers with Better Experience

Mobile apps help customers save time and energy. A number of users will not bear the trouble of going to a website to make an order. They want everything with one click. Domino's seems to have learn this well and is now offering NO-CLICK pizzas. Campaigns like these are pushing the envelope. While the numbers are not in yet, experts believe that this tactic will greatly aid Domino's increase its sales since it is all about offering more to customers.

In addition to this, mobile apps can help you serve customers better. Several universities now allow students to access their transcript and schedules using mobile apps. This removes the need to go to the web allowing students to have an overall better experience. You can also do the same by letting users do more on the app.

You can use mobile apps as the strongest weapon in your arsenal. Having an app will put you in a different league allowing you to cater to more people in a professional manner. Plus, your target audience will also consider you to be serious about business and take more interest in what you have to offer when you have a mobile app.