I love Snapchat.


Because it gives you a medium to show your true self. DJ Khaled, American record producer, radio personality, DJ, and record label executive uses Snapchat on a daily basis to connect with his fans, and show his true colors.

Whether he is on his "elliptical talk" game, or walking to the breakfast table to see what "they don't want us to eat," he has truly dominated Snapchat, and has proven how successful the social network really is for attracting new fans, and changing some haters' opinions.

But there are some major lessons from DJ Khaled that all marketers can implement. Here is what marketing genius DJ Khaled did to become the biggest brand on Snapchat.

1. Dominate one medium

Have you asked any entrepreneur, student, or even teenager who their favorite person to follow on Snapchat is?

Most will scream DJ Khaled. The first thing DJ Khaled does is dominates the entire platform like it's his. If you look at his other social profiles, you will never find a more up-to-date channel for the newest content.

In fact, even DJ Khaled's friends tell him to get up and post for renewed inspiration every day.

2. Keep your message consistent

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make on a day-to-day basis is changing their messages.

When people think about DJ Khaled, they think immediately of topics or themes like "We the Best" or the hip-hop and rap music that he produces. Would that be the case if he constantly changed from hip-hop to opera? People wouldn't understand what he is representing.

Similarly, with your own marketing message, make sure you speak with one voice, consistently. Don't start talking about social media one week and then flip to billboards. Stay consistent, like Khaled.

3. Maintain key attributes and signals specific to your brand

The first time I heard about DJ Khaled, and followed him on Snapchat, I realized that he has many similar key signals or catchphrases, such as "Key to life," "bless up," and "let's see what's for breakfast."

More importantly, I have seen friends I follow on Snapchat have similar signals and use the same messages that DJ Khaled uses.

That's powerful marketing.

When people like Jason Calacanis join Snapchat and mention things like "major key," you know your marketing message is being spread far and wide.

4. Show your real side

Showing your true side is an important characteristic that most people don't demonstrate often enough.

Especially with the powerful lifestyles of rappers, entrepreneurs, and entertainers, people want to know what really happens behind the scenes.

That's why shows like DailyVee by Gary Vaynerchuk are so successful; they show the real side of hard work and hustle, not just what's written or talked about.

Similarly, DJ Khaled shows the reality of what his life is. From his typical breakfast of egg whites, breakfast sausage, and water, to elliptical talk, you see the hard work he puts in, which motivates you to push harder every day. The best part is how he connects with his fans and appreciates them. 


Snapchat is a powerful tool that lets you document every moment of your life. Most people use social networks in various fashions, but DJ Khaled is the first person to look to if you want to learn how to use Snapchat effectively. 

What do you do to use Snapchat effectively?