The more you can automate, the more time this leaves you for personal contact with customers and prospects. This automation also removes mistakes, paperwork, and duplication of efforts. HubSpot continues to look for tools and solutions that provide a greater degree of automation throughout the business.

Check out these seven tools that integrate with HubSpot and that focus on automating business processes. Here are 7 tools that integrate the best with the popular CRM HubSpot. 

1. PandaDoc: Known for its ability to automate documents that often suck up the most time for salespeople like quotes, proposals, and agreements of contracts, this automation tool is now part of HubSpot CRM. Data is more effectively managed and shared to reduce duplication and speed agreement so that leads can be closed more quickly.

2. HelloSign: While PandaDoc has provided the documents, HelloSign brings the ability to automate the document signing process. The focus on eSignatures means there is no need for manual signatures on paper copies that then need to be scanned or copied. Combining HelloSign and HubSpot CRM provides a way to see when a lead receives, opens, and signs a document.

3. BlogMutt: Automating is about removing steps from any process, and BlogMutt works to do that with content publishing. BlogMutt automatically sends accepted posts to your HubSpot Blog so you don't have to copy and paste. The time savings can then be used for other marketing tasks that require more attention.

4. SnapEngage: The process of chatting live on a website has been automated with the help of SnapEngage, which is now integrated with HubSpot as well as other tools commonly found on websites. It's made to empower the sales and support teams you have in place, providing automated assistance in creating a new lead with each new website visitor chatted with and automatically producing a transcript.

5. Smartling:  With the move to collect customers from all over the world, the need increases for localized content that appears in the native language of all your audience segments. Integrating Smartling with HubSpot means that there can be platform-wide fluency to streamline the translation creation management process, automating it through a translation engine.

6. Invoca: This tool automates the process of tracking all customer calls to leverage this data later on in a similar way to online customer contact. You also have the ability to segment the data from these customer calls for analysis and targeting.

7. Beacon: Not many companies have the marketing resources to have a graphic designer repurpose content into an e-book or other formatted document. Instead, Beacon is a tool that has been integrated with HubSpot to take blog content and turn it into these marketable products. This degree of marketing automation is extremely valuable and helps re-use content for further engagement.

These are just a few of the integrated apps and tools that work with HubSpot. Others offering automating processes within a company like billing, social media, communication and project management. The more a company can automate, the more they can get done at a faster rate with fewer mistakes and less money spent.

Happy integrating!

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