If you are someone who is working for a company, or an aspiring entrepreneur, the knowledge that you learn is what makes you marketable.

While building Insightfully, I work almost 14 hours a day, but learning about topics such as psychology, marketing, and philosophy topics can help your business grow.

I have learned that while working out, or doing activities that aren't mind intensive, using tools that can feed you knowledge will make you a better entrepreneur, and professional.

Here are the 5 best on-the-go learning tools for professionals.

1. Audible

Audible is great tool that features over 180,000 titles converted into an easy interface to quickly listen through books from Elon Musk to "To Kill a MockingBird".

My favorite part of Audible is there are so many audio books that will fit your interest, that you cannot get bored with the one book from the library or bookstore.

My favorite feature is to listen to the book in 2x speed. This gets it done much faster than a regular audiobook. 

2. TEDTalks

TEDTalks are some of the most inspirational, and compelling of various lengths and event types.

One of my favorite, and most viewed TEDTalks is Simon Sinek's "Start with Why" because of the delivery, and message behind doing what you do best and having a prime reason for it.

3. Audvisor

Audvisor is an app designed to fit the lifestyles of today's busy professionals like me.

Audvisor brings some of the world's best experts to share their insights in 3-minutes or less. The insights are delivered "Pandora-style" - meaning you can pick one or more experts/topics, push a button and start learning anywhere, anytime. The free version has a few dozen insights.

Companies can get their employees a corporate subscription that includes the Audvisor library PLUS insights and advice from leaders of the organization.

Disclaimer: I am one of the 125+ experts featured on Audvisor.

4. Duolingo

Duolingo is great app for learning new languages. My approach to learning a new language is to treat it like a game.

Some of my favorite features on Duolingo are taking the placement test to see what level you are for your desired language, and discuss a sentence if you didn't understand it.

5. Coursera

One of the leading MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) out there has over 1,800 courses created in partnership with universities such as Yale and Stanford.

My favorite part about Coursera is their ability to democratize education. Now, you can take a Big Data Science class at University of California - Berkley, or Business Analytics at the University of Pennsylvania.

The opportunities are immense, and give even someone in middle school or high school the opportunity to try something new and unique.