Since 2005, everyone has been talking about the effect the cloud is having on businesses.

If you look at some of the most successful companies such as Box, they have taken this simple idea and focused on giving anyone access to anything they want, provided it's on the cloud.

Similarly, companies such as DropBox, IBM, Amazon, and Nextiva spent much of its resources in developing and promoting the idea that cloud computing is the future.

I'm a firm believer in cloud products and continually use them for servers, file storage, customer service, personal fitness and even for business phones!

For example, Nextiva gives businesses the ability to leave traditional phone lines behind in favor of cloud handsets. Cloud apps are expected to make up 90% of all mobile data within the next few years.

But why is the move to the cloud a good thing and what's driving it forward?

Why the Move to the Cloud is Happening?

The biggest reason why more and more businesses are moving to the cloud is visibility. It started slowly with only some businesses making the move.

This created an avalanche of people who decided to make the move, and it had a huge effect. Today, it's now considered a normal part of doing business, and the last few companies are likely going to make the switch in the next few years.

But the reason why this could even happen is because of advancing technology.

Think about the cost for a business like Netflix if they had to buy every single server!

As technology continues to get better, it's going to remove the cloud's title of a premium piece of technology. It's going to become so normal that it will be affordable for all to migrate to the cloud.

Reasons Why Your Business Has to Make the Move Now

1. Multiple Locations

A cloud product, such as a cloud phone is perfect for anyone who operates in multiple locations. Cloud phone solutions keep businesses connected at all times. This ensures that the whole business is integrated and that you are kept abreast of developing situations. 

Think about the power if your team can utilize the same product in any location, at any time? The potential for scalability in different locations over different networks can take weeks whereas technology like the cloud allow us to do that in seconds. 

2. Integrate Mobile Devices

The amount of cloud products that are used on mobile is also increasing at alarming rates, such as  DropBox with over 400 million registered users, and most on mobile phones.

Nextiva includes full integration with mobile devices. The importance of being accessible while on the go can't be understated. You are missing out on potential business if you are not accessible at all times. If you happen to operate both in the real world and online, cloud phones will allow you to stay in touch with your business team at all times.

Furthermore, you can still use text messaging with the cloud phone. Nextiva has ensured that you can use it in the same way as an instant messaging system.

This can even add functionality for your customers. For example, they could find out if they can make a reservation for dinner at a restaurant or they can see if a product is still in stock.

3. Cheaper Than You Think

Have you ever bought a server? One of the biggest reasons that startup costs have plummeted is because of the cloud. Instead of buying a full server, you can use Amazon Web Services at a fraction of the cost.

Similarly, traditional phone networks require you to put forward thousands of dollars upfront, and you may not receive the benefits of this system for many months to come.

Cloud phone systems are incredibly cheap to install because they're fully scalable. You can save up to 60% on the costs by opting for the cloud over any other option. You only pay for exactly what you get, so there's no need to tie yourself into a long contract, or purchase services that you don't really have any use for.