Successful companies do not always have to come up with something revolutionary. It is possible to take something that already exists in some form and to make it better.

Think of most successful businesses such as Uber or Facebook. They all started with competitors but beat them by fulfilling the visions they had, and building a company for the long run. There are many brands that have done this over the years. One such brand is Garage Door Armor.

As long as companies are improving the level of service that they offer, they can be just as successful as companies coming up with entirely new innovations.

So why can successful businesses innovate the most basic products in order to be successful?

Garage Door Armor - Another Example

The concept of creating a product that prevents someone from breaking into a garage is nothing new. There are plenty of such devices on the open market. But Garage Door Armor is targeted specifically at the six-second break-in method utilized by thieves.

This is something that customers want a solution to. The Garage Door Armor unit has it all because it comes with social proof, it actually works, and thieves have no way in which they can counter it. It's a perfect example of taking something simple and innovating it.

Innovating When the Problem Evolves

What the Garage Door Armor unit demonstrates is the ability to evolve in the face of a growing problem. It's something that any business can do. The problems that exist today all have the same things at their core. The difference is in the method of delivery and the context.

In terms of thievery, the crooks are always evolving. They are moving forward and eventually they will be able to counter even the most sophisticated units. It's not an issue with the product, it's the natural progression of things. 

Successful companies continue to counter the problems, though, and that's why they continue to produce successful products. Remember, 86% of consumers will pay more for a slightly better product.

Operating in a Strict Niche

Just because a product is basic doesn't mean that it's a general item that can apply to everyone. The best products are often the simplest, but they are only directed towards a niche audience. Through operating in a strict niche, you can always guarantee that your innovation is going to have an audience ready to buy.

If the niche is too big, there are too many competitors. You can never guarantee how people are then going to react. Businesses need to make sure that their products are laser targeted towards one big problem. Trying to solve multiple issues at once will only lead to confusion among your target audience, and usually an overall dilution of the product.

Knowing the Enemy

The enemy is the problem at hand. It's what your product is designed to solve. The reason why the same companies gain measures of success time and time again is because they are well aware of the developments in their industry.
There are two areas that you need to know about in order to be successful.

The Problem - Does the problem evolve? Are new complications growing due to changing habits and progressing technology?

The Competition - You can have a great product, but if a competitor appears with a slightly better product it could bring your company to its knees.

The only way you can address both of these areas is to know about them in the first place. Smart companies are never resting on their achievements. They have an intimate knowledge of the wider industry and their competition's digital strategies.

Why Garage Door Armor Has Managed to Utilize Innovation

As of this writing, Garage Door Armor offers something that competitors can't offer, which is an answer to the six-second break-in technique utilized by thieves. This alone gives it a major advantage, and yet the product itself is extremely simple because it's designed to stop the thief from breaking the garage panel in order to open it up.

The concept of reinforcing the garage in some way isn't entirely new, though. There have been previous inventions to combat this, but thieves have managed to get around them over time.

In short, this product has managed to solve a customer's problem and do it better than previous products by other companies. These two reasons alone are a recipe for success.


The best companies are constantly able to innovate in order to fulfill customer demands. Without the ability to do this, a company will never gain the success it wants.

What do you think is the best way to innovate as a business today?