I'm an investor and advisor in a New York-based Ad Tech company. Recently I worked with their sales team to help improve some processes.

We identified a few mistakes the team was making. I'm going to share 10 sales mistakes you may be making too:

1. Stop apologizing for contacting them.

Many sales people lead by saying they're sorry they're interrupting their prospect. Stop it. If you have confidence in your product, you should never apologize for contacting them. Ever.

2. Don't Include attachments in the first communication.

Your goal should be to make the initial interaction as frictionless as possible. If you add an attachment your prospect will hate you.

When was the last time you got excited about opening and reading an attachment? Exactly.

3. Don't Ignore making phone calls.

If your prospect isn't replying to your emails, you should call. I know many people don't love taking unsolicited calls. Which is why I only recommend doing this after you've sent an email. You'll have something to talk about in the voice mail.

If you're having trouble determining if they're opening your email, I recommend installing Hubspot's email tracking. It will tell you if your prospect if opening your email. This will help to alleviate any anxiety when deciding if you should send a follow-up note or not?

4. Don't send an initial email with more than one paragraph of copy.

If you can't make your point in one paragraph or less you don't know what you're selling. No excuses here. No matter how complicated your product, the initial contact should never be too long.

You're not selling your product or service in your first email. You're exploring the possibility of interest. Simple is hard. Take your time make your point and ask your prospect if they're interested. They'll tell you.

5. Stop using passive language.

Install the Hemingway APP to help. I use the APP for my writing.

6. Stop making grammatical mistakes in your emails.

Install Grammarly, a free grammar checker to help. It will edit your copy as you write your emails and LinkedIn notes.

7. Stop sending misleading subject headings.

If you know the person, say so. If you don't then don't get caught using a bad subject like (re: acme company). Adding the "re:" to make it look like you've already had a conversation, will only dilute your brand equity. Please don't pretend you're friends if you're not.

8. Don't send generic or mass emails.

Spend 20 minutes thinking about the business of the recipient, and then send a powerful personalized email. One well thought out email with will always beat a mass email.

Think of it this way: You are trying to make your sales prospect look good to their boss, or make their life easier. Start with that in mind, and you'll be a sales champion.

9. Never make it about you.

Your prospect doesn't care how many times you've tried to contact them. They don't have time to read about your deadline. They don't want to know you need a reply ASAP.

Which leads us to our final mistake ...

10. Never, ever use ASAP. Ever.

Your prospect isn't on your timetable. You're on theirs. If you must express urgency, and you cannot suppress your urge, then write out "as soon as possible."

But I still think that's unnecessary.