Conferences are a great way to meet new people, learn about the newest developments in your industry, and have close deals. They can also become a colossal waste of time, energy, and resources if your sales organization isn't managing the run up to your next event properly. That's a scary and costly premise. 

So how can you lead your team to success at your next conference? 

Here are six powerful ways to make the most out of your next conference.

1. Do not send mass emails of any type. 

This is an unacceptable hack. If your team is properly set up to scale, you will have most likely set some sort of CRM to track your leads. If you're tracking outreach via Salesforce, or Hubpost mass emails can be dangerous. When you send mass emails you run the risk of duplicate emails to the same person.

You also sacrifice much-needed customization and personal touch. Emails leading up to an in-person meeting demand a soft touch. As with most things in life, taking your time with a personal touch will go a long way here.

Breathe. Slow down, and actually write the email. You'll thank me for it later. I promise. 

2. Use the templates, but make them your own. 

Standardizing a few key points for your sales team leading up to the conference will help. Locations of special events, VIP dinners or networking times can't be flubbed. The more your sales team customizes these templates the better.

If your team is having trouble customizing have them install Hemingway APP to ensure their grammar is perfect. Also, everyone should be leveraging Grammarly. 

3. Follow up, follow up, follow up. 

I always allow 48 hours before I follow up scheduling a meeting at a conference, but when you do, get to the point and lock in the meeting. It will help your team to write a follow-up template too.  Optimize your time by scheduling follow up emails to go out the next morning via Hubspot or other email services. 

4. Reduce friction at all costs. 

It's your job to make setting meetings at a conference as frictionless as possible. Everyone should be leveraging Hubspot or other APPS like MixMax for one-click meeting scheduling. This allows you to ensure your team won't overlap with scheduling meetings on conference day.

It also allows our prospect to have a one-click response to book a meeting. Pro-tips: Double check to make sure your link works in your emails before you send.  

5. Reach out to warm leads.

If you're a seasoned sales professional, before any conference you should always reach out to your named accounts. No excuses here. All named accounts in your vertical that are attending should have a touch, and follow up. 

6. Track Everything

When you're building the foundation of a hyper-efficient sales organization that can scale., your success relies on appropriate tracking and monitoring everything you do as a team. 

Follow these six steps and enjoy all the meetings and new business it creates.