Bosses get a bad rap. Even the good ones get stomped on at the water-cooler. There is an even more overlooked unicorn in the corporate jungle. The well-respected employee.

Here are 5 things the most respected employees will never do.

1. Did you hear about last night?

The most respected employees keep their nose clean. No juicy bits about Jane's divorce. No coffee-run recap of Joe's boozy client lunch.

Those who earn true long lasting respect, keep it all to themselves. Or don't get involved at all.

2. Did you see me do that?

Platitudes and bombast have no place among those who command the respect of their colleagues. Humility and hard work is the motto.

They let their work speak for itself, and offer support to their colleagues in good times and bad.

3. I can't believe that happened to me!

Complaining is bad for your health and your career. Those employees who command respect never do it.

Yes, seriously. No, it's not impossible.

4. It's not my job, man.

It's always their job. Everything. All. Of. It. Front desk, answering phones, crunching numbers, selling, speaking at events, helping with lunch.

The best and most respected employees know that the good of the team means big wins for everyone.

5. ARGH!

It pays to be cool. The most respected employees never have outbursts. You won't hear about them storming out of a meeting.

No phone slamming. No destroying someone's good name. No chest pounding. No finger shaking. No shouting.

A phenomenal employee commands respect.