I'm not a writer, yet I've written three books. I have ideas. Big ideas. And so do you. Maybe you already launched a blog. Maybe you're even interested in publishing a book. 

If you have big ideas, and want to communicate your ideas to as many people as possible. Read on. 

You must learn how to write better. You also need to write content that will communicate your awesome ideas in fun and compelling ways. Sometimes, you need to stop writing about what you want to talk about and write your opinions about what people want to read about. 

So where do you start?

I'm going to show you seven ways I leverage technology, and our world around us to create compelling content so you can too. 

Our teachers lied to us. You don't need to write like you're a college student. To communicate to the masses, you have to write like a fourth grader. I'm using the APP to write this piece. It helps me keep my thoughts precise. My words succinct. My ideas easy to digest.  Simple is better. Simple is hard. Use the Hemingway APP to help. 

People won't read your content unless you have a compelling headline. I use this tool to write every single headline I've written for the past year.  Co-Schedule perfected an algorithm that accounts for word balance, headline type, and even sentiment. The tool will grade your headlines, and teach you how to create better headlines along the way.  

Perusing the headlines of Psychology today is my secret weapon.  If stories are trending in the psychology community they will be compelling to business readers as well. I use the site as a resource to help back up my theories in hard Scientifically backed evidence. They usually have recent studies that will help to support your stories. Sometimes surprising findings are so compelling they help me conceive of new business theories. Backing your writing with data will always help. 

4.  TED 

Topics that trend on TED Talks will trend in the business community. Defining connections between the most popular TED talks and your writing is a neat little trick to keep your content fresh. I like to discover new TED talks that are trending. This helps to define what interests people, and where interests lie. 

I've been using Google Trends for years. Why try to figure out what people want to read about when they'll tell you by their Google searches? See what stories are trending and try to connect the dots to your personal content.

6.  Amazon

Just like Google, Amazon will tell you what people want to read.  Perusing the best selling business books can help define topics to write about.  

Featuring people you love admire and respect in your writing just works. When you have true admiration for a person the words fly onto the page. You'll gush with content.  Readers will feel your passion and share your work. I did this for about 6 months last year, and even turned my blog features into a book Just Like You: 24 Interviews of Ordinary People Who've Achieved Extraordinary Success.