I believe that our body and mind are fully symbiotic. The connection drives everything. Our energy, our productivity and our motivation.

So when I first learned about FitReserve I was immediately smitten.

FitReserve is a premium all-access multi-studio membership that provides members with full schedule access to over 400 top fitness studios in NYC and Boston.

Part of me realized that this is the future of fitness. The other part of me was jealous that they didn't exist while I was still living in New York City about 100 years ago.

I sat down with Megan Smyth, Co-Founder (along with Bill Arzt) of FitReserve to discuss the meteoric rise of her start-up.

What's the benefit to consumers?

The options for users are dizzying. Megan explained that FitReserve members can "choose from over 50,000 classes per month and mix and match."

It struck me that this type of company (ClassPass included) is millennial centric. Catering to the demands of a generation that crave options and immediacy.

Megan explained that "we believe the trend toward specialized, boutique fitness is here to stay." Continuing on saying "the combination of a great instructor, good music and the motivation of others working out around you makes it more of a fun, social "experience" that people look forward to."

I've become addicted to my CrossFit classes. An I'll admit that much of what I find appealing about CrossFit is the social experience. Gone are the days of toiling away in your basement pushing weight.

This coupled with the fact that consumers are spending more time and money on classes. The funds that were once dedicated to boozy Sunday brunches and happy hours, are now spent staying fit with friends.

I'd say that this is a trend I can get on board with. Although I still love a boozy Sunday brunch now and again.

Megan admitted that some of her consumers (especially millennials) "are seeking variety in the types of workouts they do and convenience in terms of working out when they want and where they want."

Aren't they just the Uber of fitness?

I couldn't help but to make the connection to Uber. I believe that just like Uber isn't a car company, that FitReserve isn't a fitness company. They're both selling convenience. Choice, and speed are factors too.

She agreed saying that just as millennials "enjoy the flexibility and convenience of Uber, they don't want to be tied down to one gym."

FitReserve enables this variety and convenience while offering the flexibility to not be tied down to one membership and the price savings of not having to purchase multiple memberships or class packages....in sum, FitReserve simplifies your active life.

I like simple. And simple is hard to do.

Who are their consumers?

I asked Megan how fast they're really growing, and who is the target for a service like this? She shared that "our target customer is primarily millennial and looking for access to the best workouts when and where she/he wants - in the morning, after work, and every time between."

Not only are FitReserve members getting access, social experiences, and variety, the price is right. It makes sense. Instead of buying many memberships, they pay one fee, and get full access.

Consumers aren't the only ones benefiting. It's also compelling for studio owners.

What's in it for the studio owners?

FitReserve helps studios draw high quality customers who aren't just looking for a daily deal. These people can afford the studio's regular price point. Plus Megan shared that "we pay studios at rates that are more in line with their normal rates."

The maraschino cherry for the studio owner are two little words that are music to their ears - Incremental Revenue.

FitReserve, puts fit backsides in otherwise empty rower seats. The studios also have the ability to market higher margin services through the FitReserve perks program.

I see this as another added benefit to the FitReserve membership community. Who now have access to private training, nutrition services, retail, spa services, etc.

Wrapping it all up.

The future of fitness is here, and it's called FitReserve.