I'm a bit obsessive about my health. If you read this column, you know about my CrossFit addiction. I love to work-out, but I never took my nutrition too seriously.

That is until I hit 40. I knew I needed to revisit the garbage I was putting in my body. I felt lethargic, and wasn't getting the most out of my high intensity workouts. I knew I needed to eat better. That's when I discovered KettleBell Kitchen at my CrossFit box.

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Andy Lopez, co-founder of this fast growing Brooklyn based start-up. Andy and his brother Joe founded the company just over three years ago.

Andy and Joe are self-proclaimed foodies. Andy shared that "our Dad is from Spain, and we grew up on a Mediterranean diet. Food cooked with good oils."

Both of the brothers have a passion for fitness and the military. Joe graduated from the United States Military Academy (West Point) and Andy served as a Captain in the U.S. Army. They both got into eating a strict paleo diet after getting hooked on CrossFit.

KettleBell Kitchen is unique because, as Andy explained it to me "we can create options off our customers functional goals that they share with us on the platform."

So if they want to build muscle, they get a specific meal plan. Or if they want to lose weight, or have more energy. KettleBell Kitchen preps specific meals just for that person with that specific need.


This is some next level nutritional planning. Not just meal preparation, at all.

So how did they think of this revolutionary concept?

Andy explained that as New Yorkers, he and Joe know that people "are stressed and slammed with work."

When people don't eat properly, Andy explained, "they lose focus, feel lethargic and are in a brain fog most of the day."

Andy says that "pretty quickly we realized that people needed KettleBell Kitchen." Continuing that based on their search for true paleo food they realized that "many companies market themselves as health food, but when you look at the ingredients it's not what you're getting at all."

Andy further explained that their goal starting KettleBell Kitchen is to help people. They know that "once you help people the money comes secondary."

Right now the business delivers food to gyms that they've partnered with. So there is a tremendous convenience factor. Show up to work out, and pick up your pre-made, delicious, nutritious meals.

Andy shared that "we're excited that within a few months we'll have delivery service available to your home."

Andy continued to drive home their mission to help people. "People have busy stressful lives." Adding "we drive efficiencies and cut down on time shopping, and we make it work."

Andy admitted that their military background and obsession with health made their entrepreneurial transition into meal preparation a natural one. Andy explained "we look at things from a macro level. Aligning fitness with an easy nutrition solution."

Andy admitted that they pride themselves deeply on helping fitness minded people stay healthy. Asking me "how valuable is your time?" ...point taken.

Now it's time to fuel my body with some delicious pre-prepped paleo food!

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Published on: Oct 7, 2016
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