Motivation can be a fickle concept. We're all go-getters at some point. We're also all slackers at other times. Admit it...

When we're confronted with unrealistic demands, how will we react? Can we sustain optimal performance? Sometimes, yes. Mostly, nope.

If you're reading this, you should have a general understanding of how to do well at work. What I'm more interested in, and what I think will help you more, is reaching excellence in life.

How can we create a life where excellence becomes our default? And is it even possible?

I'm going to share six ways to be the best version of you.

1. Find your personal power.

Some call this your internal locus of control. I see it as the realization that you have control over everything you do. Every day. What does that mean for you? That means that your life is what you make of it.

You need to take responsibility for the current state of your life. The best part about understanding you have power over your life is that you can mold your life to be whatever you wish.

  • Step one is to take responsibility.
  • Step two is to take action.

2. Realize you have a choice in the matter.

When you don't have choices, you can feel as if you're in jail. The reality is anyone can choose the course of their life, but only people who are able to set free their best version of themselves can do it.

Turning away from fear is the only way you can see the broader scope of your life, and see that your life contains a vast repository of choices. Understand that you always have a choice.

My most triumphant example of realizing I have a choice is when I ran the New York City Marathon even after it was canceled.

3. Appreciation (give thanks).

Giving thanks to those who love and support you is the most fundamental piece to the puzzle of being the best version of yourself. If you can't appreciate the things you have, you will never self-actualize and reach your full potential.

It is impossible to be in a state of fear and a state of appreciation at the same time. Choose appreciation and choose excellence.

4. Lead with your strengths.

I push to improve myself every day. I encourage you to do so as well. Leading with your strengths does not mean not improving yourself. It means many of us ignore our strengths. We fall prey to creeping fear of inadequacy. This is a dangerous notion.

Shake off your fear of inadequacy, and embrace the things you're good at. Once you decide to accentuate those things, you'll feel good. When you feel good, you'll get more of the things that made you that way.

5. Use language and stories properly.

Ever notice that negative people see a negative world? The same works for the positive people in your life. That's because we rarely describe the world we see. We usually see the world we describe.

This is a powerful concept to digest. Language can alter conception. Stories that we tell ourselves (good or bad) become our lives. Choose healthy or horror stories. It's up to you. I choose healthy.

6. Live multidimensionally.

I believe there are three major components to a healthy person's life. Relationships, health, and purpose. For many, our purpose is our work, and that's good.

Many, however put all of their energy into one area. Finding balance is what will provide true fulfillment and a life where we're becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Bringing it all together.

Being the best version of you can mean different things to different people. For many it starts with control and understanding you can decide to bring positive changes into your life. I hope you can embrace your internal locus of control, and begin to make healthy decisions in your life.