You've gotten comfortable. Too comfortable. You have your little routine, and your little habits and your little quirks. But something isn't right. You can't place your finger on it, but you know it's there. You feel it every day, but you ignore it.

You know you need to change, but who has the time? How can you change anyway?

Can't teach an old dog new tricks, right?

So you keep plodding along. Making the same mistakes, creating the same drama. Staying the same course. Socializing in the same circles, complaining to the same people. Feeding their complaints. Lamenting with the same platitudes.

But you know you have to change everything before it's too late. You're not in your twenties anymore. It has to happen now. You have to change. You have to take the first step. But how?

You heard that reading is important. But you read all day for work. And you're so tired at the end of the day, you can't keep your eyes open. How can you focus on the pages of a book?

I was the same way. Until one day I wasn't. I'm lying. It wasn't that simple a transformation. It took me two years. Because over the course of those two years, I was fired three times.

I failed to change, so the world around me changed for me. Ouch. I had whiplash. I knew I needed to do something different, but I didn't. I thought "good enough" was good enough. I was wrong. It never is.

I wish I had changed everything before it was too late. I did it slowly. I committed to small changes.

You're going to commit to small change. But here's the rub -- you're going to commit to small change in everything.

Think of yourself and your bad habits as a cruise ship. You can't turn the ship on a dime.

  • You're going to send 2% less email.
  • You're going to complain 2% less.
  • You're going to read 2% more. 
  • You're going to sleep 2% more.
  • You're going to work out 2% more.
  • You're going to unplug for 2% of the time.
  • You're going to meditate for 2% of your free time.
  • You're going to gossip 2% less.
  • You're going to make your lists 2% shorter.
  • You're going to clear 2% of the clutter in your life.

Slowly, over time, you're going to chip away. Slowly you're going to make these small adjustments. Slowly you will right the ship.

Because overnight solutions are for suckers.