When's the last time you had a quiet moment to yourself? Pure, clear-headed silence? Be honest. I'm talking no email checking, no social media, no Spotify, no podcasts. No information. No sound. Just quiet. Can't remember?

If you want to turn the volume of positivity up, you need to turn the outside noise down.

According to recent scientific research, the amount of information we bombard the average human brain with each day is the equal to about 34 Gb (gigabytes) of information. That's enough to overload a laptop within a week.

With all that information flying at us it's no wonder we find ourselves stressed and unhappy.

When your computer is acting up what's the first thing you do to fix it? That's right, the good 'ol ctrl+alt+delete reboot. And at the end of each day, you turn your computer off to increase its longevity and save power.

You have daily practices and regular maintenance in place for your computer, but what about your brain? We need to schedule downtime and a reboot every once in awhile too. Think of it as regular maintenance for your inner hard drive.

I know what you're thinking, with all you have to do how will you ever find the time for quiet. You can do it. Trust me. Here's how.


Although the practice itself reduces stress, the thought of actually doing it can stress people out. You got this. It's so simple, and there are even apps out there that will help you do it from anywhere, anytime.

Start with five minutes, then increase to ten ... and before you know it ... look at you, you're meditating.

Get grounded.

Take a break, get out of the office and connect with nature. No need to put on hiking boots. Go for a quick stroll in a nearby park or around the neighborhood.

Find a patch of grass, and sit and be still. Breathe in the fresh air and soak up the sun.

Take the time.

Make your quiet time part of your regular schedule. Create a practice. Put it on your calendar. Whether it's meditation, a walk or even a nap. Working from home, I've found a quick 20-minute power nap does wonders for me.

I don't always do it at the same time every day, but I make sure that I get in regardless. Take it a step further and plan regular reboots for yourself like a hiking adventure or a monthly media-free weekend. Perhaps even a retreat once a quarter.

I promise you, by taking simple actions to shut out the noise and shut down your brain, you will tune into a host of benefits including better focus, concentration, productivity and overall happiness.

You'll become a negativity ninja!