Every brand wants to get eyeballs on their YouTube video content. Even though, according to L2, Inc., YouTube video uploads remain flat year over year.

Compared to Instagram videos which have increased 109% and Facebook videos have increased 46% YOY. Either way, an airtight YouTube strategy is still a good idea.

So where do you start?

Let's start with Casey Neistat. I love this guy. For the uninformed, Casey creates some of the most compelling content on YouTube.

It's a simple format really. He posts daily vlog (video blog) about his life. Just like Seinfeld, the vlogs are really about nothing. They're just his daily interaction with family, friends and business partners. Yet, Casey's videos regularly gets views in the millions. Yes, millions and yes, daily.

So what can Casey's posting tell brands who want more engagement on YouTube?

Let's look at the research first.

L2's Intelligence Report on Video finds that "Consumer Electronics brands have been the most successful in creating high volumes of video content, due the nature of their products." It makes sense, right? They need to upload short instructional videos so that people know how to use their products. There is a practical nature to their video strategy.

Ok, great. So if a brand is engaging on YouTube they need to have a regular frequency of posting. Is that it?

Not quite.

Big brands like GoPro and Redbull are prolific posters on YouTube as well. But they reap the benefit of having a built in brand advocates who are generating content on their behalf.

So you need to have brand advocacy to help amplify everything you do, and you'll get tons of eyeballs. Super. Is THAT is?

Not quite, again.

L2, Inc. looked at brands like Clarins, Ulta, and Philips only to discover that they too were uploading videos daily, but were generating lack luster results. The two differentiating factors here, and what makes Casey's content stand out:

1. Talent.

2. He posts content daily.

So not only are his short vlogs amazing. They're a daily dose of amazing. This is important.

High frequency posting on YouTube can potentially bring more people to your YouTube channel. But the content still has to be good. Very good.

Wrapping it all up.

Quantity can boost viewership on YouTube, but only if it's coupled with quality.

Meaning that if you're a brand and you're ready to post daily you have to be as dedicated, and (oh yeah) as talented as Casey. You don't want the low quality to dilute your brand equity.

Happy posting.