Nobody wants to get fired. Sometimes these situations are unavoidable. Low performance, bad cultural fits, downsizing, acquisitions, and other economic factors abound.  

We all try to stay motivated no matter what our work situation. But sometimes we just can't avoid the inevitable. Recovering from getting fired can be a difficult task. We all want to be insanely successful, but sometimes it's our turn to get fired. 

Here are 10 signs that you may be next to get fired. 

1. You don't get invited to meetings you used to get invited to. 

Exclusion from meetings is an easy red flag. Exclusion of major projects, company updates and general corporate goings on can be a bad sign. 

2. You're not invited to social outings. 

Company culture can form outside of the office as well as inside. If you find that you're not getting invited to social activities outside of the office, you may be on the fringes of your companies culture. 

3. You're not selected to represent the company. 

People in good standing at a company are often asked to represent the company publicly. This could be at a conference, as a speaker, attendee. etc.  If you're not chosen for these roles, you may be in trouble. 

4. You're asked to put things in writing. 

At times executives may have build a case against you before they show you the door. If they see you're underperforming, they may request formal, and out of the norm status reports. These could serve as a paper trail to confirm their case against you when they finally fire you. 

5. You've been at the company less than a year. 

For some companies, it's easier to fire you within the first year working at your current job. Vested equity may be a factor.  If you sense you may be on the chopping block, and you're still the rookie, you may be in trouble. 

6. Your company is about to get acquired.  

Many acquirers will look for efficiencies. If your role is redundant, you may be in trouble. 

7. Your boss calls meetings that don't have to do with your normal day to day responsibilities.  

Your boss may try to gently steer you into better performance. If they're calling one on one meetings with you think about the real message they're sending.  

8. You receive a bad performance review -- but you think you did great.  

If you get a bad performance review, and you know you're underperforming, and you have a plan that you're moving toward a shared goal with your boss, you may be fine. If you get a poor review, but you think you're doing great, there is a discrepancy that may be too late to remedy. 

9. Your job went from tough to impossible.

Sales quotas have been raised to insane heights. Sometimes if you're getting pushed out, bosses will set unachievable standards.  If you feel you're being set up to fail, you may be correct. 

10. Your the last man/woman standing in a department.

If you were a member of a ten person team, and you're the final person who's survived termination, you may not have much time. Sometimes departments are dismantled one person at a time, other times sales organizations need time to evolve and to define the proper cultural fit. 

Bringing it all together.  

Trust your gut. If you think you're about to get fired, chances are you're correct. If you want to salvage the situation it may be worth having a conversation with your HR department or your boss.

Finding out how you can remedy the situation could be a powerful recover tool for you job and your career. If you find yourself out of work, please don't freak out.  Getting fired is what pushed me into my entrepreneurial phase of my career. It's been the best thing to happen to me.  

Now it's your turn. What signs did I miss?