I used to obsess over with quick fixes, and first impressions. We're wired to make snap decisions. Fight or flight moments.  Do I want to mate with them, or kill them? 

We all know ways to hack a great first impression. But once we get past that, what happens? I'm more interested in deep long lasting connections with the people who matter.

I'm going to share 3 ways we can all forge deep and lasting connections.  

1. Allow yourself to be vulnerable.  

We tell ourselves stories. Those stories become the stories of our life.  Review your stories, get to the core of the story, and tell it. Truthfully.

I used to tell people that I was "let go" from Buddy Media in 2009. Now I say I was fired.  It is what it is. You'll find freedom in your vulnerability and a odd joy in ripping down the walls you once put up.

When you do, you'll be able to create deeper connection with those around you. 

2. Define your calling. 

Every one of us has a true calling or path. If you have life, you have purpose.  Of every single one of the 7 billion of us, that's true. 

If you're in the depths of disparity your not following your calling. You may be chasing someone else's dream. If the dream your chasing belongs to your parents, you're not in alignment. 

If you appreciate all that is in your life right now you will find alignment. With that alignment you will define your path. When you're following your path, you'll attract others on their own path.

Cultivating relationships that are genuine and based in truth and not bombast. 

3. Kill your ego. 

I've just completed reading a compelling new book by Ryan Holiday called "The Ego is the Enemy." It's a fascinating book detailing the highlights and pitfalls of those who have allowed their ego to drive their lives. 

Holiday also features lesser known leaders in history who have shunned the ego with amazing results. He offers a compelling argument that when we humble ourselves, and shed our ego we can spend time and energy on our true purpose. 

Unhindered by the trappings of ego stroking and all that goes with it. We find a deeper, more meaningful and sustainable success. Sans the pitfalls of what our culture tells us about success like fame.

Creating connections that will last.