You see people succeed all around you and it seems effortless for them. You feel you've stalled, or worse -- you feel like you've wasted your time doing what you're doing, and time is running out. I get it. I've been there, and I can help.

So now what? Now it's time to unleash positive change in your life once and for all. Start with a question: What do you love to do?

For those of you who struggled with the answer. I'm going to help you get there. Here are four steps to unleash positive change in your life immediately.

1. Be aware of your thoughts.

Meditation can help with this. You have control over your thoughts, not the other way around. See them for what they are -- just thoughts. Now change them. Sometimes when this becomes difficult I say positive things out loud.

It feels silly at first, but when you're in a negative place, simply saying the word "yes" can help to shift your thoughts to positive things. Speak positive thoughts into existence.

2. Be aware of what you say.

Small minded people gossip and spread negativity. If you hear it, don't join in. Begin sentences with "you know what I love?" You'll force yourself to speak about all the good things in your life. It's easy to start by saying "you know what I hate?"

It's hard to be positive. Raise your awareness of what you're talking about and fix it.

3. Be aware of what you read.

If you're reading about the faults and shenanigans of celebrities no good will come from it. I'm being serious - when have you ever read about someone else's misfortune, and felt great about it? Exactly.

So choose to feed your mind with constructive content. You don't have to remove entertainment, fiction is fine. But think of what you could learn if you spent your commute listing to uplifting self help content instead of perusing the pages of tabloids.

4. Think about your dreams and fantasies.

What do they look like, smell like, feel like? If you know what you fantasize about it can help you find what you're passionate about. If when you close your eyes -- you can only think about yoga class, becoming a yoga instructor and opening your own yoga studio, than I doubt you'll find fulfillment at your accounting firm -- no matter what they pay you.

Money will never motivate you to create something beautiful and fulfilling. Ever.

If you take these steps they will help you see patterns. Those patterns will help you define your passion and purpose.

When you define your passion, you will create a purpose in all that you do.

If you find a purpose, then everything else will fall into place.

You'll be intrinsically motivated. You'll get to bed on time because you'll want to perform well the next day. You'll take care of your body and exercise because you'll want to be able to stay healthy and experience all the amazing positive change that you've manifested in your life.