You have control over your life. You work on your health and your mind. Your family loves you, your colleagues push you, and your friends support you. Yet you still waste time with losers.

Here are the five toxic people you need to cut from your life immediately.

1. The complainer.

Some will tell you that 2016 was a bad year. Weak-minded people who enjoy complaining will latch onto this. They'll milk the negativity for all they can. Somehow they'll associate themselves with major global tragedies and events.

They'll seek out your sympathy and comfort. They'll speak in platitudes like, "What is the world coming to?" They'll take a passive role in it all. As if they're watching the insanity unfold below them, among the commoners.

Yet it's shattered them, so you should feel horrible for them. You know who these people are. Delete them.

2. The energy drainer.

These people believe they're realists. Actually they're pessimists. Everyone is out to get them. It sometimes feels as if they've been saving up all the negative things to tell you the moment they see you.

The negativity hits you like an avalanche. When you speak with them, they drain your energy. By giving them an audience to complain, you support a never ending spiral of negativity.

Time to spiral away from them.

3. The gossip.

At first, these people seem fun to be around. Gossip is like candy for your brain. Dig a bit deeper and see the gossip for what it is--hate. Don't feed these people by listening to or partaking in gossip.

Chances are, the moment they leave you, you'll be the subject of gossip to the next person.

4. The self-involved.

Have you ever been to an event hosted by someone you thought of as a friend, only to feel completely alone in their home? They never introduce you to anyone, they don't try to help you and your family feel at home. Yep, me too.

These people will keep you at a healthy distance and make you feel like you're friends when you're not. You're a vanity number as they tally up friends.

Next time you find yourself feeling this way, pack it up and leave. They won't notice.

5. The social climber.

These people will position themselves as your pal. Watch for telltale signs of social-media tagging and passive associative language--things like, "We love to do that, don't we?" This is fine if you're old friends. But if they're new acquaintances, head for the hills, and hope they don't try to climb up after you.