When I started in digital marketing seventeen years ago brands just began to dip their toes into the digital ecosystem. My first account was Harrods. They were running banner ads that included their logo and a few product shots.

It may seem crazy to us today, but those banner ads worked, and Harrods was happy.

Flash to 2009 when I started in social media working with enterprise brands at Buddy Media. Facebook allowed brands to have pages, and organic reach was limitless. Back then simply curating content worked.

It was acceptable to share content from another site or synergistic content generator.

Everything changed when Facebook's edge-rank algorithm began inhibiting organic distribution. Some high caliber marketers became more sophisticated with their social media strategy. Sadly, these changes have left most social media marketers behind.

I get it. Social media teams are spread t-h-i-n. When you're in a pinch, passing along someone else's article, images, or news makes for easy social media.

Simply curating social media content is the most insane mistake you can make. It also spells social media disaster for your brand.

Curating content is amateur hour. Creating social media is not only sophisticated, it's powerful and effective.

No powerful brands can curate content in social media any longer. You must create consistent, compelling and platform appropriate content.

So how can you create at scale? Here are two simple examples that will help.

1. If you're creating a video for your client, then documenting the shoot is perfect!

Take this a step further and create a compelling story associated with the video shoot. Download that video and create a separate shorter video to go with the video content. Bring along your copywriter to the video shoot.

Task them to ghost write blog posts of the video interviews. Then Embed the video into the blog posts to add depth and understanding. Viola! You've created custom, unique and appropriate social media content.

2. Leverage your current assets/engage your whole organization.

You may not have the budget to hire an outside social media agency. Everyone in your organization should understand it's up to them to create content.

Is your CEO speaking at an event? Great. Get short video snippets of her on stage from her assistant's phone.

Interview the CEO later that afternoon to get her thoughts about the event. Create a blog post based on that conversation. Get photos or those video snippets from the event to use for the follow-up blog post.

Then ping the social media team at the event. Ask if they want to see the interview and if they'll tag your organization when they post. Curating social media content from around the internet is lazy. Creating compelling social media content is hard if you don't know what to look for.

If you invest your sweat equity in thinking it all through it can be fun. No need to break the bank.