Harvard researcher Shawn Achor has defined a 5 step formula to deep resounding happiness. Those steps include thinking about things you're grateful for, journaling, meditating, exercising and performing random acts of kindness.

All wonderful things that will bring you joy. Truly. But because the decision to be happy or even pursue happiness is an active thing, there has to be a spark.

You have to want to be happy.

At every major life-changing juncture in my life, I got angry. R-e-a-l-l-y angry. Which produced something magical. Which made me very happy.

I believe that if you want to be happy, you have to get angry.

When I wanted a job as a Vice President, headhunters told me I could only be a Director. This made me angry. So I started a blog. I asked that the headhunter share my blog with a company looking for a Vice President. I got the job.

This made me very happy.

When I wanted to get involved in social media, everyone told me I didn't have any social media experience.

This made me angry, so I purchased the URL Facebookshouldhireme.com. I blogged about my passion for social media there. This gleaned national attention in a Forbes Article. I took the article with me to my interview at Buddy Media. I got the job.

This made me very happy.

A year later Buddy Media fired me. This blinded me with anger. I took the anger and turned it into an award-winning agency. Then created a globally recognized event. Then I wrote three books, delivered keynotes, and made national television appearances.

All which make me very, very happy.

When I tried to run the New York City Marathon it got canceled due to Hurricane Sandy.

I got angry and decided to run the marathon anyway. My Father who was living with ALS at the time was able to witness me finish the marathon for him. It was a special moment that I often relive now that my Father is dead.

This makes me resoundingly happy.

At every turn, the anger stimulated me to do something. Doing something lead to me creating something. Creating something led me to either failure or success.

But because I was creating, I felt good about it either way. I was learning. I was experiencing.I was prying the clinging fingers of stagnation from my parched throat.

Getting angry is my secret weapon.

Getting angry pushes and fuels me. Getting angry motivates me to get out of bed and prove everyone who doubted me wrong.

It used to control me. Now I harness it.

I beat it into submission with my ideas, my white lightning hopes, and my thunder clapping dreams. When I get angry I don't let it simmer. I quickly examine it. I dissect it. I dig into its belly to define what's caused it.

I decide to move toward extracting it. When I move toward extracting it, I realize that I'm moving. When I'm moving, I'm thinking. When I'm thinking, I'm creating. When I'm creating I'm in flow. When I'm in flow I'm blissful.

I got angry today.

I flashed to ten other times I was angry. I tasted the metallic twinge of blood in my mouth. I swallowed it. I felt it in my bones. I breathed in. I harnessed it.

I created something. I wrote. I shared myself. My rawest self.

This made me happy.