Whether you're daydreaming about quitting your job or you find yourself, out of work, it doesn't matter. Everybody's journey is different.

If you are reading this with any level of curiosity, that spirit is in you. Whether it's a tiny spark or a full-fledged inferno, you have to do it now.

Here's why:

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

Think you're too old to start now? Mark Zuckerberg who started Facebook at 19. But Charles Flint launched IBM at 61. Martha Stewart didn't do any home decorating until she was 35. Vera Wang only wrote about fashion until she was 39.

Think of how different the world would be without these entrepreneurs.

You can go your own way.

Confucius said, "choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Starting your own business means creating the perfect job for yourself on your own terms. It will take time. It will hurt. You will freak out. You will have restless nights. You may even cry.

But you will also be your own boss. You will get to do things your way. On your terms. You will bear the brunt of the hurt. But you will also absorb every single perfect drop of glory.

Plus, you can work from home (like I do) and conquer the world while still making it to school plays and soccer games.

Living life on purpose.

When your life has purpose you have more energy, you look forward to each new day and you feel fulfilled. Starting your own business allows you to tap into your passion and live life with purpose.

By using the unique gifts that only you have, you improve your quality of life and, in turn, make the world a better place.

Cool, right?

Feel the fear but do it anyway.

The biggest regret you'll have is the chance you never took. Don't let fear stand in your way. Embrace that beast. Let it fuel your determination and propel you forward.

Will you fail sometimes? Yes. But you will pick yourself up, brush yourself off, start all over again and find yourself to be even stronger.

This is where moments of greatness come from.

I have been an entrepreneur for more than seven years now. It has not always been easy. I have failed and succeeded and failed again. But it's the most amazing rollercoaster ride I ever chose to get on.

If I hadn't taken that first step to start my own business I would have missed out on so much living and learning.

Now it's your turn. What's your first move?