This afternoon I had a compelling conversation with a dear friend of mine. I'm lying. It wasn't a compelling conversation. It wasn't really a conversation; it was more of a lecture. And it wasn't particularly compelling at all. It was kind of boring.

It was extremely one sided advice (I did most of the talking). He needed to hear it. I think you need to hear it too. Here is comes.

Create something. Every day.

That's it. Simple, right? Wrong.

Creating something every day is hard has hell. But my friend is hugely talented. He also happens to be miserable at his current job, and desperate to do what he loves. Write. More specifically he wants to write for Television and screenplays for movies.

The conversation got started when he sent me his most recent script. It's awesome. But it pissed me off. He was asking me how he could get a job as a writer based on what he had sent me.

I'm not in the film or TV business, so I have no idea how screenwriters get their big break? I truly have no idea where to start.

But what I do know is this: My friend needs to create.




He needs to take his screenplay, and make it a reality. He needs to find acting students, and film students and all get together and make his words come to life.

He needs to film it on the cheap - use an iPhone. Borrow some lighting. Shoot in locations that he doesn't have permits for shooting. Get his hands dirty. Get dirt under his fingernails. Create.

For you, creating may be writing a blog post, or taking a sales meeting, or generating an internal document that could change the way your company does business. 

But once you create whatever it is that you've created, you need to share it. 

So my friend needs to put that amazing work on Youtube. Then he needs to create some more. Then some more. Then get better at creating, and continue to post that content on Youtube.

Then he may want to reflect upon his work and write a blog post about it (he wants to be a writer after all).

After our conversation he texted me this: "Long term goal -- make a living as a screenwriter for movies or serials. Short term goal - finding a job in the industry in either New York or LA that will pay the bills and allow me to build contacts."

I replied, "You're looking at it the wrong way. Create and then things happen. It's up to you to CREATE the job. Create. Write it on your mirror. Every day. Create something."

It's a simple premise. Do what you want to do. Create what you want to create. Stop seeking job opportunities, and create the opportunities. If you create it they will come. And if they don't come at least you will have been creating something.

So when you find the right people to speak to, you can show them that you're serious about your passion.

What's better? Telling a head of a movie studio this " I want to be a screenwriter" or "I determined that there are 12 types of successful story structures in all of Hollywood blockbusters, so I wrote, produced, directed and acted in 12 short films that I'd like to show you."

Create. Every Day.

And perhaps along the way you would have discovered that you like one specific part of the creative process more than the other.

Or you would have decided that what you actually hate what you thought you wanted to create. And now you have a different path. But you've created something. You have something to show for it. You've created something.

You have no excuses. There are not more barriers. Get clear about what you want. Get as crystal clear as you can. Then get started. And create something today.

When you do, please send it to me. Because I want to see the amazing thing you brought into this world. I also want to feel the buzz coming off you. You will feel an incredible buzz. It's hard to explain, but you'll know it when you feel it.

Go forward and create.