You've heard it all before. Think big, talk big, do big audacious things. You'll never do anything of value if you don't stretch your goals; break free from your myopic view of the world. Think outside the box.

On and on...

We're a culture obsessed with audacious success, over the top valuations, and billion dollar buy-outs. I'm guilty of it too. But here's the thing -- most perusing that type of success are doing it all wrong.

They think they're going to launch one business and make multiple millions of dollars. Or make one sale, and get a promotion. Or even have a huge opportunity land magically in their lap.

This mind set can cause anxiety. When you think you should be making a million dollars a year, but you're really making thirty thousand you create cognitive dissonance. Yet, we're told to see the big picture, continue to shoot for the stars, and any other bombastic call to action.

This moment. Right now, is when you should start to think small.

Extremely small ...

Let me explain:

Stop thinking about the buy-out and start thinking about a good idea. Stop thinking about how you'll spend the money, and focus on how you can make steady money.

Figure out the baby step, master that step, and then build. You can't build a skyscraper without the foundation. You don't start building from the top down.

I'm not saying that there isn't merit in thinking big. What I am telling you, and you know this is true -- nothing, and I mean this -- nothing of value can happen without taking the first step.

Mastering that step, and then taking another ...and then another ...

Here's the magic behind thinking small. When you start to focus your time and energy on these teeny tiny things. And you begin to master them. You will gain confidence. When you gain confidence you will create more, and take more baby steps.

When you create more and take more baby steps, you will time ...create something of value.

Not something great, not something worth a billion dollars. But something of value. When you create one thing of value, you can use that as a building block to create more value.

It's like pumping water from underground. At first those small pumps yield no water. But as you pump some water starts to come to the surface. As the water begins to trickle out it becomes easier and easier for you to pump the water from the well.

Just as the pumping becomes easier, so becomes your ability to create things.

So start small. Take baby steps. Create something. Build your confidence; get your foundation rock solid, so that you can create something that you can be proud of.

Let this motivate you to start today. You don't have to build it all today. Just take that first step and focus on the little picture.